I'm very pissed off

Cursed chests from titan points keeps piling up. Last one, three days to open it with ally donations  … and what’s inside ? cursed item, that requires 10 odyssey fights. So that will be what, one, two, four weeks before the proper hero appears in odyssey ? or I have to waste turns with unfeatured hero ? or 100 gems ?

Titan chests used to be an happy event. You get it, open it and enjoy your prize. Now, you get a cursed chest, and you start cursing as well for the task. You work for days to open it, and you get a cursed item, and here goes more days.

Cursed titan chests are not a gift any longer. Not something you wait for like a kid at the Christmas Tree. They are a burden that leads to frustration and, at least in my case, are thrashing the fun in the game.

thanks you


Arte_mus IS


Whats the actual suggestion? Make the tasks easier? Remove cursed items from cursed chests? 

Cursed titan items are the least valuable cursed items because they cost the most/take the most effort to break, and “natural” titan class items are total garbage compared to forged titan items made from lower rank equipment. 

The solution: make ‘em waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper.

like seriously less than 10 gems cheap. Cause they’re hot garbage right off tha truck. 

Another solution would be to just eliminate cursed titan gear and increase the chances of getting green cursed stuff. I’d like that. 

Green cursed items are awesome.

Dumpster understood correctly the suggestion. Read his post above.

Any idea on how we can avoid spending 10million gold and time be five star titan item from getting destoryed ehen cursing a duplicate unique item?

I don’t mind these costs or task associated with cursed titan chest but I have seen and heard that players have end up finding same unique item they cursed or they have in possession.

@CaptainMorgan do you have anything in mind to solve this problem?

I would rather spend that five star titan item for forging instead of wasting it on cursing a duplicate unique item and not to mention new forging system also the requires two five star titan items for refining.

To much hard work, gold and time goes to waste when game have such conditions.