Images not loading

Hello, I am new to game. After install game downloaded additional 25mb data but game is not loading any images for me.

Device - Samsung S6 / Android

No Reply ??? No Help ???

Hey Challenger,

Is it Android 7.x?

Try to delete the app’s cache. To do so, go to Settings > Application Manager, then tap the All tab and find the Olympus Rising app. From there, choose Storage and tap Clear Cache and Clear Data.

maybe they are off due to christian holyday on thursday…

what i observe if the storage is only 1GB left that those 50MB are loaded daily (somerimes twice).

and sometimes (i dont know what is the reason for this, maybe played too long and device is hot) i have no backgrounds on the items, or e.g. mirror shield is not shiny, it is black. ir on a war map no mist is visible… somthing linke that. as if rendering/effects (?) does not work.

one time a building disappeared for several hours, but this was also only a visual effect…

what you observe is of course more worse… if items are also affected… 

 good luck.

Hi, Thanks but I have already done those things. Even i uninstalled & re-installed the game still no images are there. Game is working ok but without images it’s quite confusing to play…Its Android 5.1.1


I m personally thinking this is happening due to bad optimization of game graphics. I have played many high graphics games without any problem like Mobile legends, Arena of Valor, Clash of Clan & so on… but never faced such error. I request developers to optimization the game graphics more so that game will work smoothly on every android version.

Can you upgrade it to 7.x?

Nope as that version is not available for my device.

I play on a fairly recent device, I guess, but I’d also appreciate an option to scale down the graphic quality. I’ve been getting slowdown lately bad. It might help fix the Tartarus invo bug also.

I was able to upgrade my customer’s S6 few months ago, but yeah, you may be stuck, depending on the countries/carriers.

Ok, I’ll tag the devs.

The game is already calibrating the graphics according to the speed of your device to ensure that your frame rate doesn’t drop below 20fps.

Also make sure no other heavy apps are running in the background while you play.

Nope no heavy app. are running. As I told you I have other good graphics games too which are working fine. As well this game is running good too without lag, It just graphice are not rendering properly with images n all.


I am sorry to hear that and thank you for reporting that. We will look into the issue.


Is it fixed?

Nope sadly still the same… No images