Imbalance rivals.

Why are we weak shoved into the war with the strong, really make the algorithm more suitable?



and many have underestimated rewards, the levels of players are much higher.

and in general, why statistics of cups if it is falsified? In my opinion, the level of the player is the best indicator for statistics, it cannot be faked.

What rank are those alliances? You? How many alliances are in your tier?


I agree, that matchmaking is all over the place. Although, I can’t say that everyone’s Conquest is like that. We’re pretty fairly matched in ours. I think you may have just had an unlucky match this time around @sleshnsf

it's not the first time


Yeah this and last round we had a pretty bad match, though this round is the worst.  We have only 42 members while the other three enemies had 55+ members.  We have only about 5 lvl 3000+ members, while the enemies had more than 50% lvl 3000+ members with some having 20% lvl 4000+.  We are losing very badly now, esp since we can’t tile block.  All three teams are in our territory destroying every tower.

It is humiliating to many of the players and a waste of alliance resources. 

You put teams together where it is so unbalanced that players cannot even help their team when they try.

Result… they just stay in castle or quit.

Lev 80 alliance with max players many over 5000. Vs lev 64 alliance with 57 players left most at 3000 area. Huge difference in boost, amount of players, and levels.

Makes for 5 days of humiliation and wasted time.

Not worth any boxes.

Yes, this is horrible matchmaking. Middle tier where rank 133 is matched against rank 653 is just plain bad. Not fun.

The algorithm needs a serious kick in the pants.