Implemented Suggestions

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Idea/Request Author(s) Version
3-Perk Hero Item Tomaxo 4.2.0
Alliance Blessings Info megatheo & AriesRising 4.2.0
Alliance Leagues Names Tomaxo 4.0.0
Alliance Loyalty Bonus Artemus 4.0.0
Alliance War Leagues and Seasons HADESv2 4.0.0
Battle Log athlonaces 2.8.0
Boreas Hydra Tomaxo 3.3.0
Collect Resources Button on War Map JesusChr4st 3.8.1
Curse Duplicate Unique Item dumpster 3.9.5
Customized Hero Item Neptune 4.2.0
Cyclopean Bow Tomaxo ?
Defeat the Defender Statue Pine 3.7.x
Defense Layouts Parian 3.1.0
Dragon Scale Tomaxo ?
Forge Tomaxo 3.7.0
Forgeable 5-Star Titan Item Hellslord 4.2.0
Greek Flag Nazdag 3.4.0
Helios Monolith Tomaxo 3.6.0
Hero Artemis LordCieza 3.8.0
Hero Item Sets Tomaxo 4.0.0
Independent equipped Hero Items Hellslord 3.7.x
IGN Wildcard Search Tomaxo 3.5.x
Lock Hero Items Nathalie 4.2.0
No War Week Kortizon 3.8.x
the Odyssey Warriornator 3.4.0
Pheme Tomaxo 3.6.0
Test Alliance Members’ Defenses athlonaces 2.5.0
Turn Off Screen Shake damon665 3.8.1
Unequip Hero Items Adhamonius ?
Unequip Invocations Warriornator 3.6.0
Unequip Powers and Units maximusking ?
War Campaign Mode Tomaxo 3.1.0
War Duel Mode AwesomeDoud 4.0.0
War Maps Cocokola 4.0.0
War Markers Kortizon 4.0.0
Windows Release oAgei 2.7.x
Wisdom used for Item Refining Gammal 4.2.0

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Note 2: “suggested by” means a direct idea, and “inspired by” means an indirect idea or it was already discussed in the past.

Note 3: Increasing/reducing cost, time, reward, etc. and buffing/nerfing are considered as Balancing , therefore they are  NOT  included.

Hey Olympians,

This topic is created as brilliantly suggested by AriesRising.

Please help me to add and correct the entries.

Please  DO NOT  use this topic to add suggestions.  :slight_smile:

The following megathread has lots of fascinating ideas though:


Superb, thanks @Tomaxo . I’m Following this post from now on. ☺️

Great overview indeed! Kudos!

Well I suggest , reducing the troops blocking done by hydra so that it can be used in attack , also stop the free week with no war it cost us lots of old players losing interest in the game

Oops :grinning:

I’m still hunting the implemented suggestions, especially those made  before  October 2016 (date I started to play).

Any veteran willing to help?

I had the suggestion that lower level players should score more vp against higher level players in war. It was originally the opposite. 

Im also kinda responsible for the Apollo tower blessing I think. 

And maybe having weeks off from war, although it also seems like a lot of people were asking for that. 

I don’t know if this suggestions qualify for this thread but I am mentioning it.

I requested captain morgan to remove blessed items from epic item chests.(They were removed later)


  • Slightly increased the amount of Victory Points gained for beating a higher Ascension Level player in War battles

Increasing the amount of VP and buffing the Apollo Tower fall into this category:

Note 3: Increasing/reducing cost, time, reward, etc. and buffing/nerfing are considered as  Balancing , therefore they are  NOT  included.

I added the No War Week which was actually suggested by Kortizon. In fact you wanted to play War once a month only ?:

From the same thread, I found out that I was the one suggesting the Campaign War. Thanks!

Some players could ask to remove epic items from Godlike item chests, etc. That falls into this category:

Note 3: Increasing/reducing cost, time, reward, etc. and buffing/nerfing are considered as  Balancing , therefore they are  NOT  included.

Balancing changes are sometimes the most important changes!

You’re right. Maybe I could create a separate tracker list for Balancing suggestions, but that would take a lot of time! I would need help for sure.

If I see some I’ll post links here. 

@dumpster While reading hot topics about duplicate uniques, I found out that the Cursing Duplicate Uniques idea came from you. Congrats!

I added it to the list.

Hey, something else people can throw rotten tomatoes at me for!

I ran across this one today: 

Nathalie had the suggestion to lock items.

Good catch! Added. Thanks