Important and confusing question about black magic

I know that the health of a troop in defense and offense is different. For example my Ogre Lvl 5 in offense has 20000 hp and in defense it has 17000. And necromancer lvl 4 has 7000 health In offense but in defense it has 27000+. My question is when we copy a defensive unit using black magic or Nidhog pal, does the characteristics of that copied unit changes to that of offensive unit or it remains the same? I mean to say their health and attack etc changes to the hp equal to ofensive unit or it still has the characteristics of defensive unit. If I’m able to explain it then please answer.

I’d assume it switches stats to the offensive variant, same as when you steal troops they get the boosts YOU have, not the ones the defendant has.

Totally agree with @JiggleFizziks on this one.

It’s a new summoned unit too, so everything is based on the player (you): stats and boost.