Important Announcement - Account Security

Hello guys,

We have a general but important security announcement to make concerning the safety of your accounts and data:

  1. Keep your accounts safe, never share your Game Center, Google+, Google Mail, iCloud etc. passwords with anyone!
  2. If you sell or lend out a device, please make absolutely sure that all data and games are deleted from the device!
  3. Do not openly post any details about your account on social media services (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.) or on instant messengers. Also please be sure to never post screenshots that display sensitive information about your account which normally only you could know.

Please note that you have to take care of this yourself.  We do all that we can to make this game secure and fair, but it is also the responsibility off all players individually to make sure their savegame can’t be accessed and misused by others  who just want to damage other players in an unfair way.

Thank you for reading this, please spread the word. And thank you for continuously reporting your issues and by that helping us immensely to improve and secure the game.


The Royal Revolt 2 Team


could you protect my account’s information? someone try to find my ID’s account to steal my account. Plesea help me lock my account and confirm this account in my device forever ( i will never change my device)


Hi Jack,


I think most (reasonable) people will agree that if you share your Google/iCloud password with anyone, you take major risks not only regarding RR2 and that you bear all the risk and responsibilities of such decisions.

Regarding RR2 specifically, we know that there are multi player account, people trying to sell accounts, etc. If players share their credentials then they should bear the risk and consequences of this.


Now for the 99% of the players out there and for avoidance of doubt, can you clarify what you consider:

  - “Details about your account”

  - “sensitive information about your account”.


Someone posting a raid video might display his gems/pearls. Is this considered sensitive?

Providing spell level information to get help on best raiding tactics. Is this considered sensitive?

Providing troop level information and wave morale to get help in building waves. Is this considered sensitive?

Providing tower level information to get help at designing a good defense. Is this considered sensitive?


Whether we do this within the game chat or using instant messenger, sharing this information may result in us losing control of our account - Correct?


I suspect the answer will be yes, but I would like you to confirm it.


Game information is considered “sensitive” because Flare has made a design choice to use this information for account recovery/transfer between devices. Perhaps this needs to be revisited.

This could easily go away if you have an in-game “sensitive” information panel that display a unique 12-18 digit identifier that we could jot down.

Account transfer could be done primarily via this unique identifier.

If the player cannot provide such an identifier, the “traditional” (gems, pearls, building level, spell levels, etc…) transfer process could take 14 days to process.

During those 14 days, a big in game message could be displayed that a transfer has been request and offer an option to terminate it.




Knight Gallant

+1 for that suggestion! 



+1 as well

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I have a small problem with your suggestion could help me .ai renaming character in my game … royal revolt2. Thanks