Important Announcement - Shop Issues on Windows and Android

Hi everyone,


We deeply apologise for some of the problems you have been experiencing with in-game purchases on Windows and Android stores when playing Royal Revolt 2.

Having now fixed the issues, we want to follow up this apology -


For those Android users who encountered issues after making in-game purchases (between the periods of Wednesday at 20:00 CEST and today at 13:30 CEST) - we will not only process and deposit this purchase into your account as soon as possible, we will also be crediting you an extra 30% of gems on top of your previously unsuccessful purchase. So if you purchased 100 gems, we will credit you 130, and so on.


Because some Windows PC users encountered issues making in-game purchases, we have set up a sale to run this weekend giving all players 20% extra gems on top of any purchase. This sale will run until Monday, 10am CEST


We again apologise for these issues, and wish you a happy weekend of gaming.



ASAP Please I need to make extra donations for my alliance

Well , well … issues just got fixed yesterday and today we have a new bunch back… Why should RR2 have to face all the troubles ?

I’ve bought 3 small gembags and one medium so please fix it, lot’s of money

Don’t worry, we will compensate all affected users for their missing purchases.

Hey everyone,


Update: Purchases for users on Windows Metro should be working again and pending purchases should be completed. We’ve also triggered a Gem Sale for you bearing with us.


Please let us know if you face any more problems on Windows!







The purchase issues on Android should be fixed now. We will check all users that made a purchase in the affected time period and you will receive your missing gems until Monday evening, as well as compensation for your troubles. Please note that you do not need to contact our Customer Support directly as you will be compensated automatically.


If you should encounter any more problems with purchases on Android or Windows from now on, please let us know!

got the gem offer but purchase still doesnt go through war starts in 4 hours

Well, I guess those offers are not supposed to last 5328 days… (took from my Windows 8.1 PC)


Developers said until Monday Karman  :grinning:

I did not get the GEM SALE … !!! Too bad 

Well, 5328 has a 3 in it


Jokes aside, good to mention this, though I guess it’s only a visual bug? 

I encountered the problem as I wanted to purchase the deal with a new player. The treasure chest. As it was fixed, I was no longer able to buy the treasure chest. I was really looking forward to it. Is there anything that can be done?

I’ve tried 3 times in last 2 days to purchase 24000 gem package, each time it says I purchased them but no gems. I don’t know whether to try and purchase again or not. I do not want $400 worth of gems just the one will be fine thanks. So what do I do before the gem sale ends?



windows 8.1

I haven’t received any gem sale, or any response. I need to support my alliance soon. It seems as though this return to caring and acknowledging players on the forum was short lived by Flare. And perhaps disingenuous. Perhaps it’s possible they are apathetic towards the future of this game.

Hi Mike,

Unfortunately, Flare don’t respond during weekends. have to wait until Monday… :slight_smile:

well tried 5 times to buy the gem sale of 24,000 gems still doesn’t credit me with gems, i guess I’ll just spend my money somewhere else.Sure hope I don’t get charged for this.




As of just now my 6th try still no gems from windows store, any updates on this sale ends in 1 hour?



I use Windows phone…Please be more specific when you mention Windows in a post… PC or phone.

Neither - Tablet


Windows Surface Pro2

windows 8.1