IMPORTANT: Guide on how to setup a clean and good Alliance Thread !

Hello everyone Kings and Queens !


if you are getting trouble and you need new members for your alliance, this thread is for you !

I will set a simple guideline that everybody can follow to make its Alliance Recruitment Thread as clean as possible!


Please, read this before go ahead:   For the title of your thread put as follow to be more comprehensible to others:


[Alliance Name] - [Alliance Level] - [Main Language][Hero Level Req: 55]

Example:  Gods of Destiny - Level 38 - English - Hero lvl req:55


Remember to make only 1 thread per alliance !



_ ► The main thing is tell to other people your alliance name otherwise they can’t join your ally… _

Alliance Name: Your alliance name


_ ► Alliance level is important most of time to recognize at what point is the alliance… _

Alliance Level:   lvl 30, lvl 42, etc


_ ► Another important thing is tell at what rank is set your alliance… _

Alliance Leaderboard: Your alliance name top 100, top 500, etc


_ ► Short description of your Alliance will let know to the new people what they’ll have to face… _


_ ► Every decent Alliance has some requirements, so the better thing is set yours… _

Requirements to join:

  • ​​Minimum donation of 50k, 100k, etc
  • We recruit people only over 2,000 trophies, 3,000 trophies, etc
  • Hero level
  • Others…

_ ► Gifts as Elite Boosts or War Boosts are important for the loyalty of your members… _


  • We give a permanent boost, we have multiple Elite Boosts as Blazing Knight, Power Archers, etc
  • We give the rank of General who has been loyal for a long time, we give “champions” or “shields” to members according to…etc
  • Others…

► Set some rules for your Alliance so people will know immediately with who they are dealing…


  • We don’t tolerate bad words
  • After 3 warning you will be expeled
  • Others…

► (Optional) If you have a “motto” of your alliance is always good share to others…

  • _Motto: _Your alliance motto

► As last you can always liven up your thread adding images or similar things…


And now what are you waiting? Go to recruit new people ! They are waiting you !