Important: Post War Season Fix

Hey everyone,


It seems that the game experienced a server hickup after the end of this War Season.


Some Alliances were credited multiple times with the special Elite Boosts and had them activated for much longer than intended.


Fiefdoms that were won throughout the course of the War Season were also credited multiple times.


We are having another patch today to revert everything to its intended state after the end of the Season.


Elite Boost running time will be reduced and the incorrectly won Fiefdoms will be returned to their rightful owners.


Since we only need to correct the running time of the Boosts, no advantage or disadvantage will result in any of these adjustments.


The reduced number of Fiefdoms will affect the internal working of Alliances but will have no impact on the overall game balance either.


The Boosts’ intended running time was 5 days.




Jona for the flaregames team


EDIT: The fix went live. All Fiefdoms should have returned to their rightful owners and the Boosts now have their standard 5 days running time.

Another critical bug:   My alliance (Ukrainian Heroes) receives multiple messages with war season is over, each time it takes us 3 fiefdoms, we are left with nothing.    Please fix ASAP and return us the fiefdoms.   Thanks


As stated in the post above:


“Elite Boost running time will be reduced and the incorrectly won Fiefdoms will be returned to their rightful owners

I imagined that was a bug, but in that moment my smile is gone from  :slight_smile:

Informative. Thank you for the actions. I thought we will have the Mummy Boost for 19 days. :wink:

Very nice that you don’t want us to get benefited and you are correcting your mistakes. Why don’t you correct the mistake that you didn’t inform that last war too lasts for 1 day. We were in lead ( India) for 4 days and declared a war 5 hours late according to our strategy. When we want to declare the last war it displayed that too late to declare a war. Where did you mention about it?? This isn’t fair. We were way ahead in skulls and were one fiefdom short to be 1st. Because of you, required info was not given and we couldn’t get the whole story behind it. Why don’t you correct it and give our alliance doomed gate??


Lol, like they gave us back the two fiefdoms we lost during the first day of war, when we could not fight back because of the glitchy update? Yeah, right.

I was about to report this bug, my Alliance got benefited mutiple times (many fiefdoms and Elite Boosts that were going to last 25 days). I just connected and saw that you’re preparing a maintenance in about 10 minutes, go on and fix the game  :slight_smile:


Exactly, I am still expecting some kind of compensation for this, our alliance ended third, but lost no wars at all, at least the ones that we were allowed to participate. Also we didn’t have the chance to attack the first day. 


So thats two fiefdom less, wich would have left us first. Now we are in great disadvantage. Already fought some elite airblasters and they are really though… they could easely unbalance a war, and the chance to get them was taken from us. 


Still hopping they compensate with gems, wich seems to be the only way to “give things” to players, from what i’ve read from Jona (the game system doesn’t allow to apply elite boosts to specific alliances). 

Hi Jona,


Do you plane to forbid alliance members moving during next wars because , it makes this game very confused and unfair.


Secondly , in the next season , how groups will be make ? With numbers of trophees  or  fief 's numbers ?


.It would be great that every member out of alliance at the beginning of season , or going out during the season should not fight !



Hump… Flaregames I don’t want to be disrespectful but, since I understand you released this update 3 days before it started. During that time I do suppose flaregames development team was working hard in order to avoid as usaul more bugs. So following this order of ideas why aren’t you able to give us a qualified product.

It always happens, let me remind you windows bug where player from window pc could not play during three days.

Let me remind you all those bugs reported with the dungeon.

Not convinced yet… How about this

Let me remind you when players spend their loot trying to upgrade some units but at the end they had weaker units…

Let me remind you that after winning diamond league players don’t get their gems.

And so on. I could continue but I guest you got my point…

Then why aren’t you able to offer us a nice product… This game is what it is just because players, those who pays and those who doesn’t… But it seems to be that flaregames is not humble any more.

How many bad changes have this game incorporated during the past months…

To me it looks like money is something bad for you… And for every one is clear that flare deserves to have some remuneration… But now it looms like some of them are living on the streets…

No more bugs… No more injustice… No more unbalanced game…

That’s what I want…


There will be restrictions for players that change Alliances a lot. We have yet to determine how exactly these restrictions will look like.


Also, Alliances will be grouped together based on their number of Fiefdoms.

Hey jona, one more doubt. 


Above, you have mentioned that alliances will be grouped according to number of fiefdoms they possess. 


Our alliance lvl is 34. We have 26 fiefdoms. koenigliche diebe alliance lvl is 43 and they are having 25 fiefdoms. So, theoretically, will we be grouped with them or higher alliances??


Don’t you think that is unfair.??


bonjour  ami du jeu 

pour ma part je suit sur que le service technique de flaregames peuvent faire mieux sachant que cette mise a jour était de combattre pour gagnez des cranes et fiefs et bonnus elite 

pour ma part il faudrait que chaque joueur joue sans gagnez avec des vie se qui mettrait un peut légalité de toute alliance pendant les combats sachant que quand ont attaque ont vous attaque en meme tant 

donc je pense que sa  mettrait toute les pendules a l’heure donc plus de piment pour les attaquant et plus de mérite pour celui qui est attaquer  se qui serait plus juste .

amicalement votre du jeu @+jimmi 

I think you are absolutely right Jimmi … yeah 


Je pense que vous avez absolument raison Jimmi … ouais

Elite Mummy Glitch/Bug:


When I summon an Elite Mummy in the beginning of a raid it never appears but the morale for it is taken or dissapears.


It doesn’t happen later in raids and it doesn’t happen when I test my defenses.


I am not sure how far I can get into a raid and still duplicate the process, but if you’d like Jona I will try to duplicate this process in other ways.

[i am on windows phone]


There were some issues with Fiefdoms being credited in disproportionate numbers. Yesterday’s server update should have reverted this. Could you check if you still have the same number of Fiefdoms. Also, how big is the trophy disparity between your members and Königliche Diebe?

I cross checked it again. We are really disappointed on this grouping. They have 30k crowns more than us. in the current war season we are grouped with alliance who are having min of 8 members more than us. Only royal legends is having same players capacity as we do. Who is going to fight in the season uf you guys group us like this?? This is not at all fair. Are you guys even aware of how the situation is??

In our War Map 3/6 alliances are over level 30 with 34-36 member each, instead we have level 23 with 28 members… they make 60K we make 40K, this war season is useful as a fork in the broth…

It seems that still have incorrect fiefdoms numbers own by some alliances. I just checked the top6 alliances, they have the following fiefdoms: 39, 43, 41, 39, 39, 36.