important question

if I will melt armor during the event, and the event is over …
whether I get the pearls from event?
or return to the situation before the event… and i get less perls?

Less pearls, so better time your melting.

After the event pearls from a melted item will go back to normal so better to collect them before it ends.




And next time melt before event and collect when event start, cuz pearls multiplied automatically by 5 times even when melt before event start

That is interesting info Fii, I didn’t know that.

So next time I start to melt my items giving most pearls first before event even starts and collect them during the event. This saves an incredible amount of time. The items giving less pearls, I can melt down during the event.

yeah, many people do it and it’s great tbh.


For example, before current event I melted 3 items for 30 pearls each. Immediately after the event there were 3 items 150 pearls each ready to collect without waiting to melt them. Then I bought 2 additional slots and the number of pearls increased to 300, for free, amazing. Saves a lot of time

Hi Jack, you were unlucky not reading it in the team chat :stuck_out_tongue:

I wrote about it at least twice, but the chat is moving so fast :lol:
Flare should increase the number of lines …

It’s allright, I got more pearls than I expected. So from that point of view it’s ok. It’s good that we can still learn new things, if we had seen it all, the game would be without surprises and be boring.

I have a question : Why on this forum we have a limit of 30 like per day? What happen if someone have 100 or 200 like. My guess its maybe to stop friend people to up their (+)?

Be glad that people can’t like their own messages. That happened before. And a limit of likes is fine, otherwhise you could like any reaction and the purpose of a like would lose senses. Be glad, on some devices like on my tablet right now, likes don’t work.

WTF is going on?

Nobody answer question, just close topic and make a link to here???!!!


Warrionator you already fed up with all moralizing, failed moderator. Get off!

I would also like to ask this question. (event 1 day after war)

And it is not necessary that this issue to be on the 125th page of a ONE BIG IMPORTANT TOPIC

Return and read carefully. I answer him his question and give the proper link. Now he know where to get answer and where topic to follow about event and by to way. I don’t need to be moderators to help the others or give a link to follow the appropriate topic,etc…

Stop to act like a Drama Queen. Its just 10 page maybe was different if there is 40 or 50 page. Its just 10 page. If people have lack to search its not my fault

Not to add oil on the fire but @ukikotek asked why the event stars 24h after war and not the usual 48h. You redirected him here and the question remained unanswered.

He was not asking what was the next event but rather why it starts 24h after the war. Simple as that. Someone didn’t read carefully indeed, but it’s not mss73.

Nobody is obliged to read ONE BIG theme just because someone wants to prove himself in front of admins, putting on the forum “order”

sorry! my mistakeTomorrow will be only server update…

I read it wrong…sorry for the confusion

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