Important Royal Revolt 2 Links

Official Links:

Other Links:

Community Blogs, Youtube Channels, etc.:

Facebook Groups:

Maybe my Youtube Channel is not so famous like Jason W or Flothaboss but i put passion for my rr2 videos:


Facebook group, most known : 


P.s: the first one if you have to add it is the best choice

Good enough for me :slight_smile:

This is the oldest Facebook Royal Revolt Group. Very informative too :grinning:

Great list! :slight_smile:



With clan pages, do you mean websites of individual alliances? 

If so, one might argue whether those alliances belong to the topic of general “important royal revolt links” or just want to get an advantage over competitors by posting here and should just post their website on their own recruitment/advertising topic in the “Alliances” section of the forum instead? *unsure*

(Just saying, both having and not having those here may have some arguments, now someone smarter than me think about it, please! :wink:

clan links is too much


every single noob alliance will create empty site just to get link from here

I’m not sure if any even have a real clanpage - do you know any? If there is a chance that these aren’t really sophisticated, then I can skip that part for sure.


The youtube and blog links do seem like things people should check out for sure - it’s time to earn your spot! :slight_smile:


Russian Federation


(top14 now)



We deliberately left open access to the page.

So now 400+ participants and 20 alliances (we all have one coat of arms!)

But initially it is the page of one alliance.

I personally know at least 3 more alliances with own websites, including Todesritter, The Swedish Crown and Axel Knights.

So yes, there definitely are real clan websites, the question is rather if those are useful for the general public and whether or not they should be posted considering fairness of advertisement.

Youtube channels, blogs and open facebook groups all are dedicated to general communication and spreading of knowledge, while alliance websites usually are mostly there for helping that specific alliance and its members and not the general public, so there’s a clear difference.

(And it wouldn’t even be a good idea to try and spread general knowledge and help through an alliance website, as those will be seen by a lot less people than e.g. the official forums or the wiki.)

Another thing is that alliances might discuss internals on their website, things that non-members wouldn’t be allowed access to anyway, even if the website’s home address is revealed in public.

#Edit: Another issue might be use of non-English language on some alliance websites, making it hard to understand for the general public anyway (e.g. most non-russians won’t understand Cyrillic letters, most non-italians won’t speak italian, …).

Anyway, for the sake of completeness, here the addresses that I know (if necessary, remove those again): public chat)

Nice! Good to know :slight_smile:

I’ll leave Alliance out of the list (for now) just for the list to not get too convoluted.


OMG, I remember yesterday I was just watching some Jason/Flothaboss videos on youtube! And now I’m listed among em  :open_mouth:

That is actually a good point!

Thanks for supporting the game with your amazing content!

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Hi guys,


Not as old as Todesritter’s page, but HUNS alliance has although a website and a FB page.




You have an awesome website !

Haha sounds as if ours is elderly :wink:


Anyway, great page you have there, Huns! :slight_smile:

Useful post!