impossible tasks


To open a titan chest I have to occupy 20 ambrosia islands. 


A task far from difficult honestly…but…


I occupied 14 islands defeating as many opponents…and the other 6?


Where do I find the other 6 ambrosia islands if no one regains them? I’ve been waiting for two days …

Someone will answer: “Spend 250 gems!”



There should be an option to skip quests if you don’t want to do them.

Just move around the map more, this would propagate new islands as, on IOS and Crpadows devices at least, there is no way for you to have less than 5 opponents on the map. Also, chests last you 50+ days now, so this is plenty of time to simply wait for the said islands to be conquered by someone.

@d9d9 remove all your heroes from ambrosia islands and clear up your Map once … 

The task is not impossible …Yah if you would have got the task to capture 30 wisdom island then it can be difficult for some players ?

Bro I don’t know at level you are playing but I am playing at Ascension level 97,Prior to version 3.9.2 I almost finished 9 such quest like takeover 50 wisom island, Ambrosia island and trust me they are very easy quest.I use to finish them in 3 days only just clear your map with one hero and log in after every two hour, keep Ambrosia islands empty and station your heros near to them and attack them whenever they are occupied by enemies.?

Also what you are saying is imposdible because game only have 14 heroes including Hades and Zeus.So it is not possible to occupy 20 Islands. It must be capture or takeover but definitely not to occupy 20 ambrosia islands.

It is most probably take over 20 ambrosia islands. 

@Infamous @HOLYDIVINE @NAPC @Sharknado


I look forward to being able to conquer the missing islands to complete the task.

I repeat that it is not difficult to complete the task, but it is impossible if I do not have ambrosia islands to be conquered.


My heroes (three of whom are at war) are not occupying ambrosia islands that are all free. 

I’ve been waiting for two days …Meanwhile, the Titan chests accumulate…

@d9d9, so all of your heroes are on gold and wisdom islands while the other 3 heroes are at war correct? And in 2 days, no ambrosia island has been occupied by any player at all? In 2 days?


That's right

Bro @d9d9,the only way to clear this task is to fight all the opponents on your map and leave ambrosia island empty .Then log out and log in after an hour your map now will be filled with new opponents and some of them will be over on ambrosia island.This is what @NAPC and I told you before.If you just wait for opponents to appear on your map, without first clearing the map then new opponents will not appear.

I hope this will help in finishing this quest or else Let that Titan chest expire but I would not recommend it as your new Titan chest will also have this same task.

What @HOLYDIVINE suggested works great but I will add another tip for such challenges… in case you will have a hero that is not at level 20, then park that/them near Mount Olympus so once someone will try to beat you and park in those islands, then you can conquer them back as heroes that are not maxed yet are more likely to be sent back to MO.

If you clear your map of enemies they’ll respawn on other islands. 


The bigger point, though, is that while curses are an interesting concept, most of the current set of curses aren’t interesting at all. They’re chores. I don’t really know what new curses would be more interesting within the limitations of the game, so the answer is just to continue to make them easier to break. Unless “fun” isn’t a design goal of the game. 

It’s also that curses were an interesting concept … while they were rare. But nowaday you basically have some curse to break all the times, that’s why they become like chores.

With that, I hope they don’t lower the chance of cursed items more than now, as some of them are almost a must to have…

Yeah, this is exactly the issue. I don’t mind doing one of those obnoxious ones every once in a while, but when you’re staring at 12 of them, and you have 4 titan chests lined up…it’s too much. It’s BORING. Boring is a game killer  

This is is a repeated problem with this game. War was a good concept, but it needs limited doses to be appreciated. MORE FURY is not the solution. 

… good afternoon … this kind of games should be more casual and less demanding … 

ciao Arte 

Nep mi stavo preoccupando è da un po’ che non scrivi, buona giornata :slight_smile: