Improve Angle View

I don’t know if I am alone to be tired of the Angle View like if your head was inclined diagonally and you looked the screen that way. Non sense 

Can we have a Angle view at 90 degree like a ‘‘I’’ and not ‘’/’’ that give the impression I play the game with my head inclined at 45 degree or whatever in diagonal

I don’t know why that was built this way its so horrible. Non sense. Make it straight this way we will see the entire base. The tent will be in the middle of the screen. We will have a larger view that way. I am surprise no one have suggest it before in 4 years 


I wanted to suggest the same. When you fight near a tree and there’s a cannon tower shooting you, you DO NOT SEE the cannon balls on the ground at all. You just run like a chicken with its head cut off trying to find the bomb.

Can’t you just make all rotating map?

On a desktop, so have option to scroll out to see all. Are you on phone. Think we are talking about same thing.


Just checked and the scroll out still does not capture everything like you say. Have not moved path in months. But would be nice along with other suggestions about multiple layout options.