Improve in Maintenance Break

I hate so much enter in the game and…got a yellow rectangle say : Maintenance break

Flare can you announce in advance in a professsional way when Maintenance break happen

its not hard do like all games on IOS or Android or each MMORPG Online on PC.

Developer take time to say on forum or via facebook,etc… Maintenance Break April 12th at 9 PM

I am sure that will avoid some frustration from players

Edit : Like this :

i don’t have anymore Aura Kingdom in my PC but the developer take time to announce them on Facebook,in the starter.exe game in Announcement. Also in the forum,etc… Players don’t have bad surprise and know at which hours not go in the game


Thank you… I thought it was me only lol…

Yeah, and then they make the announcement and say “We performed a Server Maintenance.” NEWSFLASH: You can’t have a server maintenance without having done something, so don’t keep things from us! Tell us what you performed in the maintenance!!

Its just a video game.

just reenter in 10 minutes and thats all, no need to make drama and announcements and changes.

Relax, if they are changing something they are telling us.

if not- not.

its easy even for young players)

we don’t really care what you think Cromka. You are always alone to think always different of the others. With you RR2 is healthy,ok and don’t need anything to improve or change. If you like bad surprise or the bad acting of Flare its up to you. No one like that. I will give you some example. Imagine two seconds you want to take a shower and your city have cut water to make some work and fix some stuffs but don’t have tell anyone about it or send a little info about it on paper with the date and all. What will be your feeling? You will be so frustrated not knowing that before. A another example imagine two seconds you have planify to do some cleaning during your Saturday you have cancelled I don’t know some fun with your friend in town for a day of cleaning and suddenly a blackout. No electricity. No water,nothing becasue they make some work or have try to switch for summer time,etc… what gonna be your feeling no knowing this before? again you will be frustrating

its not a question of ok just wait 2 minutes or whatever its just the fact Flare cannot announce it before. They announce it when its done after. For you that change nothing but for me or others that remove all the taste to play the game on the moment. When that happen I just change of game and play something else because Flare have remove my momentum of fun

When I raid or do my War Season or whatever I hate very much be disturb and be forced to rush to do my stuffs because of : 10 minutes left before Maintenance Server in red in middle of the screen. Because Flare are not smart enough to announce it before that happen to prepare all the players. to know ok between this time and that time ok I don’t go in the game 

for you maybe you like that this way but I am sure so many players hate it and be frustrated when that happen. I am far to be alone

You guys need to chill out !

First, I agree with Cromka here. So remove me from your “We don’t care about what you think Cromka” .

Secondly, how is thinking differently from others bad? Seriously ?

Thirdly, If a minor annoyance like this is affecting your life and happiness, you might be addicted to this game a bit too much.

Fourthly, comparing a mobile game to utilities like water. Really ? (See point #3)

This is a mobile game made by a private company. They run thing like they want to. Not happy with how they run thing, find another game. They are plenty of them available. You guys need to stop acting like you own the game. Flare and this game are far from being perfect. I’m all for constructive criticism but complaining over and over on ■■■■■■ little thing like this is unhealthy. I’ve stayed away from this forum in the past month because of the amount of negativity here.


I try and log in and it says server maintenance? oh my god what can I do?

I go and get a drink come back and I am back in the game. Drama over…

No, no no, you have to come here and explain how this affected you deeply and how it might change your life forever.

Then demand free gems and chests for the inconvenience of the maintenance break or I am quitting the game forever…

Many don’t get the main point. its not a question that disturb or whatever. Its just a question do it and that its. Just announce them before they happen and not after. Just that. Its not the end of the world take 5 seconds to make a little announcement for the next server maintenance.

That will give a feeling Flare care about players in the game. Actually this way just give feeling Flare don’t care of players and decide to announce it 10 minutes after that happen

PS : for all who don’t understand the point like MrSchmouck and Wych. Stop jsut play RR2. They have others game in life than just RR2. Play some others real MMORPG online to understand the feeling to have a Maintenance Break in middle of the gameplay without any announcement for 1 hours or 2 and play a game like Aura Kindgom who care about players and announce them 1 week before. No Announcement VS Announcement.Also I suggest to take time to create a Facebook account and read each reaction of players on Facebook for some MMORPG when there is a maintenance break without any announcement in middle of the game. You will understand the feeling of millions of players who are frustrated just for that yeah

For a online game I think its something very important

I am sure some game have die because of this kind of stuffs

PS2 : Nevermind maybe I ask too much for Flare after all. A simple task too much complicated like fix bugs

RR2 is the only game I play now because I do not have the time to play any others, I spent years playing lotro and spent ages creating multiple characters so I could help my kin in different situations. My children are an age that I cannot spend all day playing. This is a completely different type of situation because it’s not as if we have arranged for 24 kin players to all be on at the same time for a raid and there is  a sudden maintenance break for hours.

I find the in game advance warning more than enough and as for creating a Facebook account I do not care if other players are sad that they have to log off for a few minutes.


Anyway like I said forget this topic. Anyway i ask too much for Flare. We still don’t have simple task like unequipd scrolls or defense layouts A,B,C or bugs are not fixed. Nevermind. We ask too much for them. I forget sometime they are limited in knowledge in programming

Defence layouts would be a dream, to be able to switch quickly would make it interesting.

I am very thankful for maintenance breaks. Usually stuff is fixed with it and I agree not everything has to be explained to the players. It makes sense doing them during Flare office hours. 

We get a fair warning before. It is not at all like we are left under the shower without water. :lol: 

What I really do not get are the Forum announcements afterwards without any details. (Today we performed a live server update to do a maintainance break). Why do we need those?

I think players even no care about 2 minutes they cant log in. Seems strange its important for someone. After posts like this i dnt suprize when Flare dnt answer for community. Always strange complains

Also when you talk with someone try to talk only for yourself. Not “we”. Or you mean you and you “brother”???

I don’t mind the little 5 minute break, but I think it’s quite weird that they don’t post what they performed in the maintenance. I’m interested to know what they did, that’s all

I expect that a lot of these maintenance windows are not actually for issues relating to gameplay.  e.g. they reboot a server due to patching or installing hardware, or they are bringing online new hardware, or they are fixing various non-gameplay oriented bugs, etc.  This type of stuff is incredibly common for online services.  That said, I agree that it would be nice to include a little blurb in the announcement about what it’s for - improving service reliability/stability, increasing capacity, etc, OR that they actually are fixing bugs relating to gameplay and here are some details for that…

Another ant in the ant farm is demanding liberties.  Go ahead… hold your breath and wait for that demand to be answered. 

You guys crack me up.  One day you’ll understand your role.  

I think the current system is perfect, it tells you in game in plenty of time, if you’re not logging in, then you never know about it.

If there’s a game update, or an outage, they post it to the forum, but don’t for the more mundane smaller breaks.

If they were to scale, they could geo-distribute to multiple locations, and deploy dark, but I’d imagine most of the issues are around keeping their content db (and it’s schema) intact, and replicating that to multiple regions, while live, is difficult and expensive.