Improve Mummy AI

I apologize for the rapid succession of suggestions, but I just have to ask… Can you make it so that Mummies don’t try to stun barricades? Because this just happened to me:

> Low Health

> Le Firebolt about to kill me. Need to outrun Firebolt

> Le blockade about to fall

> Le summon Mummy

> One more hit left

> Le Arblasters coming towards us. It’s ok, Swordrain is charged.

> Le Stun (only affected Blockade)

> Le Swordrain

> Le Arbheal

> Full health’d blockade

> Le cannot escape Firebolt in time

> Le death

> Le mad

I’m sure that this is a rare occurrence, but I’d still like to see it fixed if possible.

I fail to see how the blockade being healed stopped you from escaping the firebolt tower…


did u somehow manage to work your way behind it?? :S


as well how can you blame this incident on your poor mummy? he was just doing what he was told


regardless many ppl have brought up complaints about troop’s AI (like how cannons wont push each other out of way to make room)


however such is the game and you kinda just gotta learn to deal with it and work around it


the mummies just got a huge buff with the elite boost and are already way better at casting stun