improve the connection setting

The game lost the connection every minute try to fixed this. Im playing the others online game using my 2.5G no kiddng it never happen like this even when the netwrk is low the game still load and run nicely like COC, Arcane legend and more 3D online game but then when im playing royalrevolt-2_1.7.0 i cant open with 2G so i change it and usd my 3G netwrk it suck after 1/2 minute i play it start lost conet and reconect by itself.

the graph and the game are good and perfct i love to play quietly i knw it need fully netwrk aces but it is too much my cnectn didnt went low its still lost connection. I knw u can fixed this smehow pls update and improve the game server or smethng.

Yeah…even with a full connection the game loses connection. Hope the team works on it.