Improve the forum

On 15 March Aether posted this message:

When software is created and enhanced it is very advisable to get feedback as soon as possible and as often as possible during the development cycle. The reason for this is that there is a 90% change that the developers are totally out of feeling with the people who is going to use the software. If there is one thing that is very clear then it is the fact that the creation of version 2.0 was an epic failure compared to what it could have been. The above quote from Aether is the result of fire-fighting mode Flaregames has turned into. 

Bring back the days of innovation:“the tower defence game with a twist - you are the attacker”.

Bring back the days of common sense:“Who in their right mind is going to wait 28 days for an upgrade!”

Royal Revolt 2.0 has been released and it was an Epic failure. Version 2.1 was supposed to be a big fix - but problems are still all over the place. The in game events after the war is great, but the last one sadly has locked the gold supply for many players. Everyone at Flaregames is busy fire-fighting the disaster that is turning bigger and bigger.

I suggest the following:

  1. Read all the content on the forum and try to respond to as many messages as possible. Assign someone to do this full-time.  Try to be as honest as possible. This will:

     a.  give us the assurance you are as passionate about this game as we are 

     b. remove many miss-communications.

     c. rebuild the trust that was lost

     d. show your loyal clients that you care about them

     e. ensure that version 3.0 of royal revolt is a total success

  1. Give developers more time to respond to difficult questions (even if it turns out that what is said is not true). I really do not think the developers are lying on purpose as many people say they are. I only think they are out of touch with their clients. If there is no developer that is up to this task, appoint someone for this specific role.

  2. The above quote from Aether should be on an official announcement part of the forum - this info he is giving is actually important to all of us. If there is a crisis at Flaregames and we need to be understanding- then tell it where everyone will see it.

  3. Create on the forum an official wishlist of features Flaregames are prepared to implement and let us vote for it. Let the community have a say on the priority of some features. (Flaregames can still implement their secret features - like the blacksmith casino no one asked for). For each feature that we can vote on, let the forum members discuss how it should be implemented.

  4. When there is an event, it is advertised and promoted. On the other side when some other setting changed - we are burned and learn of it the hard way. Please warn us if the gold supply algorithm is going to be changed and inform us what the trophy levels will be affected. And if gold is going to be scares after 3 attacks - please tell us these things. It is really not a great experience find out that things has changed without any warning.