Improve the visibility of the infomation in conquest


Regarding the Supreme victory screen, can you make the number bigger or maybe add the possibility to click on the bar to see the number of skulls required in a dialog box or something…?

I m playing on my iphone and it s so tiny that I have to make a screenshot and zoom in to be able to see the exact number.

Same with the tile info…hard to see the def/off modifier values without making a screnshot and zoom in


Good idea. It still a long way to go to get to the ideal conquest we want. Flare is working tirelessly to make it possible. They have shown their commitment by giving updates after updates specially focused on conquest and with added features requested by members here… Who knows what the future holds :slight_smile:

Hi sellman,

we agree that they are rather small. We will add it to the wishlist and depending on availability of resources we can implement it. 


Great to see that it is at least in the backlog. I hope it will be implemented but I agree that there are much more critical issues to solve ?