Improve War Rewards

The Ninja event has been a success in my alliance, with members motivated helping each other etc, I am sure this must be the case for most alliances. 

Giving zombies/ninjas for defence, and extra uber chests was a good idea, as was making the event  alliance based. 

Now please do something similar to motivate players in war, the current chests are a joke, I personally think the chests should be no less than epic, make them worth 

winning, also please change war boosts as every other war,  we know exactly what we will win, give us some variety. 

I agree with this 100% the current chest rewards for war must be upgraded its gotten boring and unvaluable and players need a little extra motivation to give war the effort it deserves. We work way too hard as generals and leaders trying to get players to score decently. We would appreciate some help from flare in this. 


I agree. Now that the ninja event is on target, time to do something about the waning interest in war. There is just not enough to encourage all players to participate. 


I totally agree with it. Our participation in the zombie event was better than our participation in war, cause of the team rewards that you could win. Wveryone was motivated cause they saw that they could get nice rewards but only if they work as a team. Now war has to change. It has to get more attractive for all of us, cause it is boring cause you always win the same boosts over and over again. You have to change the rewards to get the players to enjoy the game and really want to fight in wars. The zombie event was the right kind of motivation for all of us, now the war has to change to give us all the same kind of motivation that the zombie event gave us.

Yes, the idea of making war a more rewarding event would likely help in current war participation. Which would result in an overall better playing experience for everyone. The changes to the ninja event were very well executed and has made the event so much more desirable to take part in. Now if similar changes were to be made to our current war system that would be great :slight_smile:

To be true, I feel the participation was high because this zombie event alliance reward was something new, so it has some euphoria. Since many alliances easily crossed defense zombies, what happens is gradually, people consider their contribution is not important and start to get bored.

Although I do agree with @QueenAmbie that magic chests should start off with at least rare and every war must have uber chest accessible with a decent number of fights.

I have another suggestion -

1st place alliance - 2 uber chests for all

2nd place alliance - 1 uber and 1 legendary for all

3rd place alliance - 1 uber for all

4th place - 1 legendary for all

5th place -1 epic for all

6th place - 1 rare for all


I wonder if its really not the chests but more a response to no gold? THOUGH I DO AGREE THEY CoULD BE BETTER

That’s what most plAyers are using the contents for as theres little gold available … YES its a tactical thing too.

The ninja event sets gold at a max per level and reduces like in regular attacks, I wonder if just using that model would fix much of the wasteland of booty seen in wars.

Your gold is protected anyway from in war attacks… so why not the next step and have gold set as in ninja events.


Indeed, main reason for not participating during war season is the lousy gold reward. During war season often we get 14k- gold for a war raid, how can that ever stimulate members to do all their war raids.

It’s a fact that more gold can be found outside the season by raiding players who forgot to secure their gold. It is also ridiculous that after doing 10/10 war raids we even haven’t collected enough gold to do a daily donation.

Minimum reward should be way higher, say at least 300k gold per war raid. Is it the teams fault that they are matched against a team with players that are easily beatable? I guess not, flare does the matchmaking, so I would appreciate getting much higher minimum gold rewards for every war raid. During recess it’s fine that easy beatable players give less reward, but during war season we have not a lot of options. We need to pick our opponents from the team we are in war with and since a lot of players most times will take on the highest players, those should give good gold rewards.


That’s why I was thinking the ninjas levels 2500 is 200k. So even attacking down its a little bit less but not 13k all the time.

I don’t think it hurts to have the decreasing amount with level otherwise you end up with players opting

For easy gold low skulls.

Absolutely agree.

Make the war rewards better. I guess starting from Epic rewards (we already have lots of common chest in the daily gifts) to Legendary at around 20 k + to uber at around (35 k +). 

Yes theres a good argument to lower the thresholds for them. 9 fights in ninjas I get a uber? AS opposed to 5 days fighting in war?

starting with better base chests would be good … they are all geared to player level so its not going to favour anyone unfairly.

Better is make gold alliance rewards for 1-2-3 place

it will be fun if noone will economy gold)

I would appreciate gold reward for the alliance, for top 3 places, or even for all alliances, of course it would decrease with each lower place.

Or maybe something similar like we have in ninja now “get X coins as a whole alliance to unclock rewards”, same could go with skulls during wars.


Currently, I’m sure of most of you experienced it, sometimes a map placement of your alliance or just being the wekast alliance on the map, result in your alliance being attacked more then others, a lot of fronts and sometimes no actual chance to be even in top 3 if stronger alliances pick up on you. This can result you of your alliance having the most skulls collected on the map but you are placed 4th or lower, it doesn’t feel right at the end, of course the most active members of such alliance can get lots of chests (which are still nice in my opinion) but the whole alliance kind of suffers that although so much effort and heart put into battle you win nothing for the alliance. So if the number of skulls collected by the whole alliance would result in getting some nice rewards for the whole alliance would definitely feel. good



Would not like that since fiefdom swap would increase to get more skulls. A gold reward according to rank is fine, but the rewards depending on skulls would then be won by the richest alliances by going full blast with champs.

When speaking of those chests rewards which I do really like, I do think that there shouldn’t be a cap of max skulls for last chests. In standard war season I think 50k chest is the last one, I bet it happened to some of the players not once or twice, that they got 60k or 70k even and actuallly got nothing for their effort.

For many of us the war season was the main attraction on RR2 (but it is no-more). I agree 100% with QueenAmbie

For the last 3 seasons I only did the minimum fights required by my alliance. My only motivation to fight is the thread of being kicked. This chest upgrade is the minimum needed to be done to help us re-enjoy the war.

Indeed are those chests a joke, who is interested in grey or green chests? Only thing I expect from those is that they give me some descent items for melting down or some pearls or gems. But with onl a few fights, we already have them, so I am already glad we get them, it’s better than nothing.

Last change to zombie event was a nice one, reward the team for total coins scored and add milestones for it. When you add that same mechanism to skulls scored per team, it’s worth something. For example give the alliance extra gold for every skull scored. Say that every skull is multiplied times 10 as reward, reaching 1M skulls in total would give the team 10M extra gold. That would be fantastic, at least we did raid to help the team.

Now some teams have bad luck, have 3+ wars every day, score a tremendous amount of skulls and end on place 4. A lot of time is wasted due to this. When there would be a reward for a team, this would at least give some good feeling, doing all the effort is not only for personal glory, at least it helps the team somewhat by refilling the treasure room a little bit.

That is a good point, Jack. A combined effort could be a reward for the Alliance. Like Jack said, a total of 1 M skulls (or whatever the calculation) could be 10 times gold addition to the alliance treasury. That will help in alliance boosts, and upgrades. A food for thought to FG.

Now I feel like wars are fought more to get a psychological advantage, if your alliance has golden frame, lots of members, wooden frame then tough times ahead.