Improved chat

A chat room, separate from Alliance chat, where everyone can communicate, from different alliances,or even be able to reply with a message, when invited by other alliances, friendly banter, helps with competitive, and fun experiences :slight_smile:?


I will be ok if that was only improve the chat. Everyone are in white so confusing. In RR2 they have take time to separate each rank. Leader in Orange,General in Yellow and soldier in green. Why not do the same. I have speak 1 time on the chat with someone and that was a mess. White everywhere. 

So in 3.9.0 can be cool if we can have Orange or others colors for Leader/Founder Yellow or other colors for General/Veteran,etc…  and white or green for members with no rank. More easy like this to read at least for alliance with 45 members +

Nice idea :slight_smile:???