improved communication


As everyone is aware, the Flare communication towards Royal Revolt II community is horrible…

I dont know if the same persons behind the scene are running the Olympus Rising communication, but they need to learn some things from them…

Look at the this reply from a developper that is answering to player by the best manner : 

  1. apologies

  2. empathy

  3. clear explanation.

Why cant we have some sort of communication like this in the RR2 forum?

How long will we have to watch chapters before getting real useful info…

By the time we got the first chapter, OR community got a preview of what will be included in the next update that came up a couple of days or less than a week after the video presentation…

Hope that it will really improve…I really hope…



I dont think @GalaMorgane plays royal revolt 2, otherwise she would be better in understanding and answering our questions 

Their communication and decision making is horrible.  No doubt.  But you seem like a huge Cry-Baby.

I think you are complaining for the sake of complaining.

This is not about better communication.  This is about you want to know what is behind Door #1, and you want to know NOW.

There are so many real things to complain about, and you choose this?