Improved War Matchmaking

The current war matchmaker in my opinion is good but there are some loopholes. What is player activity? Instead I would advise ‘average skulls per player’ as a factor.

This is how average skulls per player is derived:

{(Total Skulls gained by alliance) divided by (No. of war fought)} divided by (number of players who gained skulls in the war).

Wars lost by more than 30% margin are not counted. This is to prevent tampering average skulls by doing fewer attacks or losing purposely.

If there are any loopholes in this system then do reply.  I hope flare implements this.

Better would be for each players stat page have an average skull count, that shows for the previous 5 wars.    Then an alliance would be able to see their total skull count.  This would be a much better indicator of how powerful that alliance is in a war. It wouldn’t matter if they drop trophies or spend days out of alliance.  And once you earn Skulls during a war they wouldn’t ‘disappear’ if you leave the alliance.

As a side affect Generals would be able to see new players skull average before inviting and be able to screen weak players.