Improvement areas

Hi there,

Firstly, this is a great game. I have Hall of Fame ranking around 30 and an officer for one of the top 3 alliances. Basically, I love the game and play it a lot. However there are a few improvement areas;

  • AMBROSIA: You guys have made this like school life fantasy of s_x. Everyone wants it but no-one gets it! Could you just replace 1/3 of the gold islands with Ambrosia. This will make switching islands not that expensive and also increase continuous playbility if well planned. No one seems to cry about gold, no-one about knowledge but everyone cries their heart out for Ambrosia. Yes, I know I can put my heroes on Ambrosia Islands but just imagine that a new hero was sent back from Minotaur islands. Even if I am at full capacity i will lose 1//2 the ambrosia to just get him/her there. As you level up your travel increases. There should be a research where you can reduce your ambrosia costs as you level up. Also make more of the high dominance islands ambrosia resources. They are mostly gold and sometimes Knowledge banks. Obviously dominance is the second most sought after thing and please dont force us to choose every time. Once there is enough ambrosia people can fight and gain gold from matches. Thus play more but if you have only gold islands I cannot get ambrosia.   

  • Match-making: Your match-making concepts is fabulous. Here no-one can dominate or bully you and you wont lose a ton of your resources (well I am depleted on everything anyways) because of some obnoxious player. However it has gone a little off. Players (Enemy) appears slower around you after the update. This works for players who do not play as much or play say, an hour per day. However, if I have 3-4 hours on an evening in 15 mins I have cleared everything and there is nothing to do. A player might appear on some distant island and I would be spending 250 ambrosia to attack him. Rather, can you have an active mode and passive mode where in active mode you get enemies at a higher frequency and in passive mode at lower frequency. This will give players an option to choose if they want to go rain havoc on enemy or quietly work in their office. You can put a charge of 20 gems or so on this mode change and also offer higher payouts.

Secondly, you have buffed up the defenses. Previously only 1 out of 5 matches were tough. And now 3 out of 5 are competitive. That is good, or is it? When my ascension level is 39 once in a while I get a fat 50 ascension player with cyclops and buffed tower-barricades as my opponent. That too on the Minotaur island where lives my delicate princess Ariande. So, If you buffed up the defense, please correct your match-making margins so that I get players say 37 - 45 as opponents rather than level 50. Because this fat guys is going to stay for a long while before I can get rid of him. Moslty players are in the above mentioned ranege. If I lose to him I lose say 40 trophies and I will have to fight 10 matches just to break even (with no ambrosia). The other patch where you delayed when your hero is sent back is cool! Please keep that change as it is. If I am level 40 (say) and I fight another guy who is say 42 after spending ambrosia and time, why do i not get any trophy? Please explain how the trophy system works

Defense towers:

Some of the towers seem to be either broken or way underpowered. I have mentioned this in another defense log thread as well. 

It seems as though ortho towers and Titan towers (I love fire soccer) are good but most of the other towers aren’t. Especially with the slowing when arteas is converted to ortho towers (buffed), they are insanely strong.

Lapetos seems to not throw flames exactly where it should be throwing them. There is just an area where there is no fire whatsoever most of the times.

Hydra towers sometimes attack sometimes don’t. When they strike that venom they are good. But mostly I just easily kill them without any trouble and not a single venom attack.

Chiron are a joke (hahaha)! Even when they are working they throw out spearmen (I guess if lvl 1), an archer (may be lvl 2) or some really very weak unit. killing an archer for. e.g. takes 1 shot or 2 at the most. So even when the towers work they don’t really pack any damage. For the their cost and level requirements, they should at-least throw a couple of axe-warriors. And if upgraded can throw a Siren or Medusa or even a Minotaur (when upgraded like 8 times). That will make the destruction of skulls a necessary skill. 

Finally, I would like to know how many times I was attacked? How many players (of what level) used gems. I think its impossible for players of my or lower level to attack and win my base without gems as we have many strong alliance buffs in place. However, I get them at a very slow pace and may be just 1 gem once in 6-8 hours. 




Hi Rudransh,

Thanks a lot for your feedback and suggestions!

The amount of Ambrosia you need depends a lot on how strong your defense is. If you have a strong defense your Heroes will be sent back to Mount Olympus less often. If you manage to keep your Heroes on their islands you can actually play a lot of battles before running out of Ambrosia. I know this takes some getting used to, especially in the beginning where it is easier to win battles.


Regarding Towers:

I’m glad you like the Orthia Tower and Titan Tower. Keep in mind though that you can’t simply compare them to other towers which have no Divine Blessings active. It makes sense that the boosted towers are a lot stronger than the other towers since it costs your Alliance quite some Gold to activate them.

The Iapetos Tower has a “safe zone” which gives you a chance to dodge the fire. When your Hero gets hit by the fire ring he takes a lot of damage so it really makes a difference when you watch carefully and react before getting hit. Did you know that you can see where the safe zone will be before the tower shoots? Just look at the spinning part on top of it… :grinning:

I too have the feeling that the Hydra Tower is currently a bit too weak. This might change in the future.

The Charon Tower is actually pretty strong if you manage to place it correctly. Firstly, try to put it behind a barricade. That way it will often shoot where the attacking players cannot go which prevents them from destroying the skulls. Secondly, you should try placing it further down the path and rotate it in a way that it will shoot before the attacker can reach it. It will also shoot faster the more you upgrade it.

Also, a general tip when placing towers: The blue ring around them indicates how close the attacking units or Hero must be for the tower to start attacking. The attack range differs between towers which means that good placement is different for each tower.

Thanks Rookie!

Yes, my heroes go home quite rarely (like every night when I sleep) as all 5 are level 11+ though the times they go its a real pain. I do protect some of my islands too. I think its not a big deal but when they go, I lose loads to get them back on the sea. Espescially because my small islands are not being taken.

Lapetos: Yes, it makes sense to have a safe-zone. My point was that mostly the safe zone is always exactly where my hero is. So without any problems I can just stay where I am and attack the tower. 9/10 times I don’t have to even think about that tower.

I love the concept of Charon tower. No Doubt about its concept. Only problem is that it shoots very low power units. Lets say I do place it on a path where it is not attackable unless you run the loop. Even then, all that its shooting is level 1-2 guys. 

Thanks for the tip on rotation and blue ring, although I had already figured this out (quite late though).

Any response on not having very high level guys when you have already buffed up the defenses? The penalty on losing a match is HUGE. May be you can set a tighter margin of -2 and +7 ascension level. A guy who is 12 levels above you is a real pain. Especially if he comes next to Hercules. Mythologically, Hercules was very strong, he was good when people start. But as you become level 40+ you real feel the pinch of just 2 unit types and just 1 free power. Scylla is the best attack when you spend gems on it. It destroys everything you can see. Unfortunately he has Scylla as his only power and cannot be used with gems. No heal, no speed… He was really awesome at lower levels though.





Also having some issues with Lapetos 

having safe zone is good as this tower does high damage and this gives you the chance to dodge

only issue is I don’t have to worry about dodging, this tower doesn’t even shoot flames on the path half the time. It’s like the safe zone just follows the hero around

love the game and can see a lot of work was put into this - I can see some room for fixes/updates but overall great job