Improvement: change the way Ajax and Artemis powers work

Ajax and Artemis are the only two heroes where you need to wait until the animation of their power finishes before you can use another power.  I understand that some of their powers are more directional than others (which is annoying, btw), but having to wait until the lengthy animations finish before you use another power puts them at a distinct disadvantage over the normal heroes. It’s also not like there aren’t other powers who have lengthy animations, but can you imagine having to wait until Pandora’s Box or Chronos finishes it’s animation before using another power?

i can’t count the number of times when Ajax has been killed in the middle of a whirlwind when he has an available cast of devour strength waiting there, he just can’t use it. Artemis is in a similar situation. Spamming powers on a clustered corner to destroy multiple towers in a short period of time is an integral part of the game right now. These two heroes will fall further and further behind the normal heroes if this change isn’t implemented  

Please consider making this change. As soon as you fix forging. 

@dumpster making Artemis and Ajax the most decent heroes for flaregames is a bug ?

I understand that they’re meant to be challenging to play and unsuited to auto play. That’s fine. I think, however, they both cross the line over to being _annoying _to play. I feel like making this change will make a huge difference.

you still won’t be able to AP well with them. If anything, the AI will be able to waste spells quicker than before. But it will open up options that they desperately need. And it’s going to make them play more like every other hero, which is good for consistency and continuity. 

The most annoying thing for me is how easy it is for Artemis to miss from point blank range. Artemis is, arguably, one of the best heroes though as long as you don’t want auto. She is certainly one of the best for killing GKs. As for Ajax, you really have to ask why the god of war is such a weak pussy overall.

Please @CaptainMorgan give Ajax 300% health boost or attack speed and For Artemis give her 200% potency bonus??? so that dumpster can stay happy and won’t bad mouth about my favorite two heroes in the game.

It feels bad whenever dumpster start criticizing these two???

Ugh you like the un fun ones. 

I’ve nearly max’d Artemis but I still find her difficult to control and aim! Can’t work out if I need a new mouse or I’m just useless! I seem to fire Hail storm all over the place except of course for where I need it!

Buddy ,it is very easy to aim and control Artemis spell.I am sure you are jesting.

I actually wasn’t :slightly_frowning_face:


what buddy I don’t know about Ajax but Artemis power can be controlled fine.

Like I always manage to aim her spells wherever I want them to hit and they hardly miss the target.


Unfortunately can’t say the same about Ajax again developers fault Even after eight months of playing I still haven’t figured out how to aim his Shield bash and other spells : /

I’m the opposite, Ajax seems OK, the shield bash damage area is a small cone similar to damage reflection area directly in front of Ajax.  I think my problem is when Artemis gets surrounded by enemies she’l turn and face them and my power gets aimed their rather than at a tower.

@Philstar we’ll see what we can improve here, as you are not the only one complaining. One tip is that if you remove your finger from the screen before the attack is fully finished, she may turn to face another enemy. Hold your finger in the direction of your target and she should stay looking in that direction.

@CaptainMorgan I know this trick to control Artemis power but what about Ajax how can I control his spells movement direction.

Charge, Whirlwind and especially Shield Bash.

They act pretty funny.

Suppose Ajax is surrounded by warriors or spearmen then his shield bash automatically faces the attacker’s direction and not the tower.

So I always have to make sure to kill those units and then use his power.

And most of the time shield bash misses nyxs tower too.

Whirlwind spell can’t be controlled very well.


There are some answers to your questions in this topic:


Hey thanks Tomaxo

It is a good thread and It has some great info on Ajax powers.