Improvement for trophy system / Leaderboard

Add a limit to the number of trophies someone can lose or take from the same player. Could be hourly, like the one we have to attack someone more than 3 times.


So, on first raid, if I succeed (or fail), I would gain (or lose) the normal amount of trophies, let’s say 10. And on second and third raids on same player I could only gain (or lose) 1 trophy.


Plus, you also need to lower the number of trophies someone can take or lose in raids out of matchmaker, I believe the current one is 15, that’s too much.

I’ve won (and lost) far more than 15 trophies before.

Also I think the amount of trophies does lessen the more you win against the same opponent’s base. That might alter if the opponent upgrades their base or layout but I have watched carefully and it does already steadily decrease.

If the amount of trophies you’re taking decrease you just have to lose a few trophies and it will increase again.



The biggest problem is how some players with more than one account use the current system to reach top 10 or/and remove players from there.

Top 10 is solely based on trophies but no one in the top 10 is low/medium level. This means that people have to get to high level first before they even have a chance to farm trophies.

Personally I don’t have a problem with it because I’m not a contender for the top 10 (or even the top 1,000). Perhaps I will feel as you do someday.

The trophy system is definitely unfair,top10players raid player ranking below50 gets 1-2 trophy,if they would be raid by top50player they lose 5trophies,if they are unlucky and get raid by players rank500,they lose 10-13 trophies,how many time the top players need to raid to get back the trophies they lose?thats why u never seen a top player stay top for some time.the fluctuation is too large,u win 1 u lose 10

the number is far above 15. sometimes you may get or lose 40-50 trophies, which is quite ridiculous.

In raids when you dont use matchmaker???

My friend goku ssj2 got +50 trophies In a raid with match maker

Not sure about winning more than 15 but you can definitely lose more than 15 out of matchmaker.

I have always wondered what the attacker gained form raids. Do they get the same amount of gold you lose? (if that is the case, I have no idea why people raid for a few thousand gold XD). Do they gain the same amount of trophies you lose?


Also, I think that the amount of trophies you lose for “losing” a raid should be decreased. Its really annoying when you accidentally click attack and end up losing like 40 trophies.

Gold,trophies and medals

The amount of gold stated is from ur chamber,from tavern I have no idea,so don’t upgrade ur tavern unless u think u r unbeatable,hahaha

Yes, lost even today two times >50 trophies. Is insane, considering the amount you could win in a fight. 7-8 vs 50 is quite unfair

win 10match to afford lose one match,hahaha.crazy system