Improvement on Pause mode for Game Crashing (?)

Could you make the paused mode work for a little while when the game is closed?
Like 1 minute or 1 minute and 30 seconds would probably be enough.

Because when we minimize or leave the game screen for any reason the raid already pauses automatically so, if it would stay like that even when the app is closed, in cases of game crashing we would have the option to continue the raid at the same point if we just restart the app right away.

It’s just so annoying when we’re doing very important raids, especially durings wars, and we lose because the game crashes :rage::rage::rage:

Thanks for your idea, I understand the frustration behind this topic :frowning:.

But unfortunately, if the server crashes then the raid cannot be saved when you hit pause, so this would technically not be possible.
Additionally, the reason to not extend the break is to avoid players being online for too long and therefore not being attackable.
Thank you for your understanding.

Locking this now to free up votes.

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