Improvement: Pro-Points should remain in the alliance if a member leaves.

Just to clarify to all that the points you do in your alliance are removed from the total pro-score if you leave the alliance during a pro-cup.

We recently went from lvl 4 pro-boost to lvl 3 pro-boost because a guy left without reason bringing with him all his Pro-Points. 

You should implement a rule where the points you do in the alliance remain there, so no alliance risks to have instant loss of pro-boosts levels because of hidden jumpers. Doesn’t seem correct.


Could be exploited if an alliance invite a lot of players to score and then kick them just to get the pro boosts.

ok thanks for help

The best way to solve this, probably, is to make it like the ninja event. Where the “lions” earned in an alliance stay in the alliance. To clarify, A member that enters the alliance with some lions earned will leave those lions back at his previous alliance and starts with a new score (from the alliances view) with which he earns lions for that alliance. No lions should be taken away once this player leaves again

True but the current solution isn’t any better really. Maybe if you leave alliance during cup the points would stay in the alliance but you’d also keep the boost? Or make boosts more dependant on contribution? I dunno…

Maybe these pro boosts weren’t such a great idea after all… :stuck_out_tongue: