Improvement Royal Revolt 2

Hi to everyone. I like this game very much But we can make it more exciting for all device. I like you say all of your good idea to see them and say them to all world. The Good Idea:

  • Everyone know IOS and Android device have free food by watching movie (Though the videos are low and now they have some problem) But It’s more exciting If windows user (Windows Phone and Windows user) have something special for get free food. Some people say make separate math for windows user.
  • The troops’ animation changed and theme of them change when we upgrade them. It’s make game more beautiful.
  • Sell towers that we don’t use them anymore. Because I have lots of Tower That level 5-6 But don’t use them.
  • Grandma offers with 3 options instead of one. Some offers with pearls.
  • Ability to move waves around by drag and drop or replace
  • When I search apart of someone name, search window show me just 10-15 person. please add button to show more people that have that letters.
  • I want search name of someone But his name in other language. It’s hard to find that language and I add it to my language for search it! I just want developer notice to that and Make rule: All name must be English.
  • Select language option is something that every game should have.
  • Add option to play tournament in next time. I win a tournament But I don’t want to start next tournament now because I want to fight for money and I can’t fight for medals. Add option to play tournament in next time.
  • halving of the upgrade time if you use 2 workers on the same upgrade. It’s awesome.
  • We need customizable units. We can’t change color, mode theme and etc. It’s good idea.
  • We can protect our money (750K) But if our king level more than 80 then every level our king upgrade, add 50-100K gold shield. It’s good idea. (Protect more)
  • Watch Tower! Put Troops to that Tower to fire their weapon! (Upgrade to increasing HP and Moral Point)  

Skills and Heroscream: add time duration showing on the screen, of skills and heroscream.also when the time near to end when raiding base.

Extended dungeons.

  • Alliance tasks: Members will donate for clan tasks. improving gold boost, farm production rate, hero/troop speed, more towers/barricades, longer path, etc. The price should be in gold and very expensive.

Able to limit the minimum trophy to join the alliance e.g. 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, etc. It just a basic necessary feature.

Able to see castle of our alliance members. So we need a option to choose someone can see our castle or no.

Save Defense Layout

Make a verification when buying items , attacking someone or finish upgrade.

See tavern status and farm state.

Ideas that was fulfilled:

  • Chat is important part of online game. If developer add world chat, It’s more exciting.
  • The Alliance coming. They are very important part of game.
  • We can see 20 message when we being online.
  • Alliance Officers: It’s good.
  • Alliance leagues : Similar to single players’ leagues, now with the whole team fighting for skull. The leader will choose whether and when to enter a league.

In my opinion it would be cool, if the troops’ animation changed and evolved as we levelled them. Also looking forward for ingame chat and something clan/guild like to make the game more competitive

may be, the option to change our nick name. 

also selling those towers we do not use any more.

when entering into a tab, would be nice having some mini-games.

more spells.

I heard that first of all they want to create in the next patch guild / clan , so for now they will not get that stuff.

Free Food for windows is one main problem…

Now, next problem is the reward for each raid likely reduce.



Other idea for update…

  • Protect your friend’s base from Monsters! Fight along side with you friend’s base, not appear from Tent anymore but from Castle’s Gate and push back monsters which raid to reduce damage of your friend’s base defend line!

100% defend which mean no Tower or Barricade destroy refill 100% of your silo!

Yes i think chat and guild feature is very crucial for this kind of game.

RR2 have a unique gameplay compare to coc. Many game like coc now.

Protect your friend base? Waw i liked your idea. Hope flare can do something about this idea

i wish that a clan/guild system is implemented soon.

Free food, or  may be give us more farms. 

good idea, I think game should balance to all device. I’m currenly enjoy free food throug watch video even still limited. we could enjoy more playing this game

Please no guild clan. I hate game like that. Easy manipulated. Just like the it is RR 2 simple and fun to play. The only one missing is a discount without using gems. Discount experience king without gems. Discount for buying item using gold noy gems. Discount raising waves. And discount to reduce to upgradr building for speed up with hold moy gems. Yummy sluuurpy

About this " Add system for login with username and password" the developers said that for now it will not be done because they should recreate the entire system and software and would cost much time and money. 


Have a look this

king defense mode when online,no waves,kill each other with the morale,but dont let them use gem`s spell,and make all unit available when defensing

I dont like the folllowing suggestions.


  • World Chat or Guild where people talk trash all the time. RR2 is more a mobile first game not a complete online game. Clans will make it more demanding and the simplicity of the game where you compete on your own is lost. I dont want to be in clans and deal with peoples emotions.
  • Help friends or protect friends base? you mean protecting the secondary account too? Nah…since multiple accounts are allowed here not a good idea.
  • Share resources? Much easier than ploughing and will be welcomed by those for sure.

What I like

  • Parity to all platfroms.- OS no BAR
  • Sell your dead inventory… not sure about it though as a future nerf can make them desirable sometimes. Better would be Granny sale by users restricted to their level range only. A level 70 can only sell to level 70. Otherwise everyone will like the level 100’s items even if they are very cheap to them
  • Fortune chamber loots to increase with the player rank. Even though I now have to pay 5 gems to search again which i find a skeleton, I only get 2 or 4 gems max. That is so wrong. I use to pay gems to check other boxes when it was introduced but now I dont as it is a losing proposition.
  • Progessing in game should reward you with better loot, better food, medals
  • Time bonus for XP and may be food return too. Not for OPEN BASES.
  1. Guilds, guilds, guilds. Chat as well, in guild only would probably be the best :grinning:

  2. Selling unused towers

  3. Grandma offers with 3 options instead of one.

  4. Upgrade existing equipment with gems

  5. Guilds again.


Desihero, a simple solution to dealing with people’s emotions in the guilds is choosing the proper members :grinning:

Recycle unuse item to become scondary ability card and put them to increase secondary ability of other item.



For protecting your friend’s base, you misunderstand it.

I don’t mean to protect your friend base from other player, but I mean protect from Monsters.

This won’t effect any other player’s raiding.


With this,

  • You can play on other base without raiding them, but fight along side with their base. New way to play than raiding them, interesting?

  • If you friend success defending your base from Monsters, you will gain some gems or some food. This will make you want to raise your base defend more than open or semi open your base.

  • New way to gain free foods. More play online. More interact with other player. Make friendly interact with other player.


Also, unlimit defending your friend’s base will bring unbalance just 4 times a day and 4 time be defended by other will enough.

Reward should come from Trophies rank and Silo capacity.




Multi Account will gain benefit from this idea? Sure, also the way this game is.

But most player will gain more.

I won’t suggest idea that make two or more player at the same place, because it need more stable internet connection which will bring more problem to developers.


Even so, use A.I. King will be interesting idea such as when player destroy Castle’s Gate will encouter with that base’s King win and get more reward bonus.

But at present, this idea will make conflict with Treasure Chamber’s Looting instead.


Also, I think Attack History should give info of King that raid our base.

no guilds or clans or a type of government where a few pro players can get together and boss others around it would ruin the nature of thegame

Hey all,


Just wanting to let you know that we are keeping a close eye on this thread. So keep the ideas coming. For all the people that want guilds to be in the game: They will be. We are currently working on getting them ready for one of the next updates.





Thank, Jona.


I have other interesting idea for a long time.


Select new Ammo For Tower!

Unlike upgrade Tower, this idea can change Tower’s Ammo freely and can change back or change to new one anytime.

Such as,

Arrow Tower can change from Normal Arrow to Frost Arrow which lower damage but can slow target troops.

Bomb Tower can change to Toxic Bomb.

Water Tower can stream water farther more damage but just one troops.

Gagoyle Tower shoot a portion of lava to target area and burn that place for a sec.

Firebolt Tower which can shoot two target at the same times.

Snake Tower which shoot snake to target.

Skull Tower which shoot just one large but more range and damage.



Even so, this will bring hard to adjust balance for the game.

“Everyone know we add monsters to our defence so give us more time to defeat other player. all top player use monsters and It’s hard to defeat them.”


That’s the point, do you want to be able to defeat higher players as a low ranked player? They have made their defence hard to beat and are good in attack, hence their position, the game is a balance of both defence and attack and you need to be proficient in both to move up the ranks. You say “Everyone know Attack is more important than defence” then complain when you can’t beat a defence in time?? This will come as you level up and become stronger you will be able to beat better and better defences.


Top players struggle to beat top players bases 100% too, but they level, learn and adapt. The game isn’t all instant gratification success has to be worked for over a long period of time. A good defence can take several months to develop as can a strong attack. If you just want to attack and win attack those you can win against at your own level and move up as you level up.