Improvement Royal Revolt 2


Yes. I accept this because we can’t have 8 full attack. It’s bad.


It’s not good idea.


Why would you convert gold to gems unless you’ve maxed out everything ? Not sure about pearls to gems , they’re already converted from gems to pearl at rate of 7 to 1 so that means I can get 7gems for 1pearl ? Endless gems then for me

Even though i like gold to gems… it will never be implemented. You are talking about major loss of revenue to flare.

please make a new update of royal revolt 2 :slight_smile:

In new update please make chat option, share option of any attack 

A share attack option sounds really cool :wink:

how about tap joy ? i wish windows users can have this features too… 

1.add a spell that doubles your soilders,it must be instant.

2.add units that can walk fastly,may be they can be horse riders.

I want all of these… It feels like you are negleting wp…

Mong admin Æ°u ái cho mấy anh em choi trên windowsphone vá»›i chứ bị thiết thòi so vá»›i các hệ Ä‘iá»u hành khác nhiá»u quá.cùng là gamer cả mà sao lại có sá»± bất công nhÆ° vậy

Desiring admin favors brothers over WindowsPhone Games with disadvantaged rather than the other operating systems including many gamers qua.cung is that why such injustice

I want to upgrade multiple spells, troops, waves at the same time. It’ll be more fun. It is taking week to upgrade one spell or two waves now, and it’ll take years to upgrade everything that is very boring.


In my day off, I’ll be very active and competitive fighting for league, but all the hard earned gold is wasted caused every building is busy upgrading.


I suggest that you let us buy additional upgrade slot with gems e.g. second troop upgrade slot at 100 gems, third slot 250 gems etc.


This way you can earn more money and we players get more fun.




I’m player level 70.

Sometimes I search for money with button of attack and pay money but its show me persons have 9000,10000 and little more. Is it good? (I change 50-70 time, but nothing just 2-3 offer about 100K gold)

I paid about 100-150K gold but show me 9000!

Please add a rule that player in big level, just show them offers that more than 100K gold or little more than 9000!!

Sorry about my English.

What’s your idea?


The only thing that I really want to upgrade simultaneuosly is the wave.Will take 1 year and 3 month to max them all at current situation.Spells and troops is okey actually in term of upgrade duration.

update for windows store. why is the android version is 1.4.2 and the windows version is 1.4.1??? update please…



The admin of site say this update just for android because they have some problems and bugs. For windows and windows phone, It’s not important.



If we can upgrade multiple spells and troops, we can try more spells / troops combinations e.g. switch from Heal to Shield. Since we can only upgrade one spell at a time now so we must concentrate on upgrading 3 spells actively used, that makes many other spells underused.


We are able to hire more workers to build/upgrade our building, so we should be able to upgrade many spells and troops and things at the same time. Just let us spend gems on upgrade slots and Flare will earn more money.


Why hold me back when I can play (and pay) more? Like they just decreased the Dungeons digging time. Eventually we must stop at the point we can’t afford. Why make me wait a day or two to dig a cave which I can pass through it easily within just 1 minute? I don’t stand a chance against Gargoyle IV cave, so I stop digging there and wait until my spells and troops upgraded.


Similarly why make me wait a week for upgrading one spells, while I have tons of gold to spend to upgrade other spells. If I can’t afford a hefty amount of gold to upgrade multiple high level spells, then I will stop and wait for my farms and gold shield cooldown.


After all, it’s just a game, let me have fun.


And don’t call that “raid - upgrade - wait a week” cycles fun, it’s boredom.


Pretty sure you can only upgrade one thing at a time because of balancing reasons.Say you’re able to upgrade bladstorm heal and sonic blast all at same time , in about a month you could get them all at max level let say at level 60.This allows you to beat higher level base from lower ranks or at least have a chance , that doesnt feel right.What more to play for when you max everything so fast ? People would probably leave the game then.

I’d like to mention my suggestion again regarding farm and silo.


Farm should produce 250 food max , silo can store 1000 food max.Farm should produce food while upgrading (4days without food is too long) this is because the max cost for battle is 250 food so it should be the same for production.


Either adjust the current food production or add more level to farm and silo.I believe this is not too much and won’t affect the balance as this is for everyone not just player on certain platform.Hoping to see this changes in future update.