Improvement to conquests

Seems to be an unpopular opinion but I actually like conquests so far on the whole. It requires actual strategy and placed more significance on individuals rather than whoever gets more online wins. I have some suggestions for improvement though.

  • Number system needs to be rethought. Use a letter-number system like that of the board game battleship (A1 in the top left, A2, B1, etc).

  • Movement is really annoying. Either assign a leader of a group and have the group move all together, or at the very least double movement points and cooldown. Or have an auto-move option (select tile x, every 1.5 hours it will move you closer to that tile). Having to log in every 1.5 hours is pretty silly considering we have lives. Most of us, that is. 

  • Ingame information box on conquests would be really helpful

  • The way troops are used is kind of… weird. I expected them to be more useful and wish they were. Maybe your goal, instead of just getting the most skulls, should be to kill all their troops. The farther you get on the base, the more troops you kill. Then, they’ll have to go back and get more. It wouldn’t actually change the system that much, just makes it make more sense.

  • Remove the restriction on sending resources. The fact that we have to wait till it’s full is really stupid and a blatant attempt to force people to spend gems. 

  • Minor bug, but sometimes the information box on a tile will be empty when you open it. Getting out of then back into the conquest map solves the issue.

  • Make it so troops can be exchanged from a king to another king so we can have “runners” that ferry soldiers back and forth. That way, the stronger players in the alliance can keep fighting while others act as support. Would be great for those with little time and makes even weak/new players useful.

  • Tiles have attack and defense attributes but they don’t really do much besides change how many skulls are needed. Better idea, apply affects directly to the battle, and feel free to go nuts with them. IE, open fields should mean easy targets for ranged troops (increase range). That way, even players that aren’t quite strong enough have a chance with the right attack setup, or have a chance defending with a good setup. Of course, making defense not OP would help that issue…

Are conquests enough to make me stay in the game? We’ll see, they’re interesting but they might get boring fast and may be too time consuming for me. With the above improvements and more refinements in the next few months I could definitely see it being the best part of the game, imo.

Also, can we not bandwagon on the hate train? All I see are posts about how bad the conquests are but there really aren’t that many actual problems, with solutions, that people post. A lot of the hate could’ve been avoided by simply being more clear on how everything works. Chill, we’ll figure it out eventually. 

There are a lot of problems QuantumApocalyp. You named a few. Here is what bothers me:

I agree with pretty much all your points, all except the names on map one because it would be tough to see the names against the background of the map. The buttons could be bigger though, I keep missing the tiny info button. So add all except that one to my list! Luckily, a lot of these changes should be relatively easy and definitely doable. Before calling it “fail mode” let’s see where they take it and if they will acknowledge the problems we’ve raised. If they don’t I will be more than happy to call them out on it.

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Yeah, movement is slow and not much to do in between. I mentioned faster/better movement in the OP and I think Shensai iterated it in their list

Attack. Your opponent is on grass and you have 2 more fighters. You should beat him.

so… I spent time during my precious job keeping the lights on for folks, strategizing how to trap an opponent to attack. Then it works!  WOOHOO this new update rocks! 


I got attacked at the end of work day.  I drive home (10 mins) and excitedly open the app to find a Defeat Message waiting for me. Offline = You Lose.

and just like that…

 new update rocks became screw this game

@QuantumApocalypse you’re right, we should just be patient and figure it out eventually, but the main problems that people are complaining about is the lack of movement (cause of the cooldown), having to play on a set timer to be able to move the most times, and the last one of these is the biggest problem, BEING OFFLINE = automatic lost defense. A player should always get that chance to fight back. I think what flare could improve on with this offline thing, would be to have players be able to attack you while you are off, BUT when you come back in the battle is still going until you finish your attacks! I don’t think there should be a timer on a battle, there should be a max of 24 hours per battle, but at least until all the players, fighting for a Supreme Victory on a fiefdom, have finished all their attacks. This way it presents a very fair playing field!

@Madlen @Pete could you guys take my  bolded  idea into account, please? I think this would really help players out, also making wars quicker in situations

Yep, I hear you @AwesomestKnightest, no one should automatically lose just because they’re not online. Timezones and stuff…

@PaSte @Lisa


stay in groups

This will be more irritating to wait


I believe the entire reason to have supreme victory is to avoid the tactic of one man delaying an ENTIRE army. Imagine if I ask my lowest trophy member to go attack an enemy tile that has 20 members, and I ask my teammate NOT to do any attacks. Based on your proposed rule, the 20 members will be stuck for 24 hours because my teammate hasn’t done his attacks.


THEN, before they could move, I ask another low trophy member to immediately declare war. If he does it fast, the 20 members are stuck again.


IF the tile is where the enemy is constructing a tower, then that tower will never be completed too.

  • Defensive bonus in the woods too strong, globaly is 0.5 bonus for the defender,  attacker needs 2 times the troops to win, more than a tower in the plains (0 bonus globally) which takes 1 full day to be ready;

Yeah, I mean, it’s just a suggestion. There are always kinks that need to be worked out. If flare could introduce something similar to that, though, I mean, the fact that you can lose easily overnight is annoying


That’s a good point. Might be better just to keep the system we have for now. Hopefully, if group movement and other fixes happen it will lower the chance of a nightly surprise raid or something. 

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