Improvements for invitations, see if someone is online, user manual?

Hi, I have a few suggestions and wonder what others think of them;


You can’t check who you have invited to join your Alliance after you did the invitation, isn’t it handy to be able to see, so you also can’t invite a person twice by accident? (now you only can see it right after the invitation is done, but later you can’t see)

Maybe leave the ‘invitationbutton’ grey, not for a moment, but untill a person accepted/ rejected your invitation?


Would it be handy to see if someone is online, by having a green sign besides their name or something like that?

Sometimes you make your troops ready and make some changes etc…then you click to start the battle…and you find out the person is online…so there’s no battle.


I’d like to have a small user manual with the game, a bit more explanation would be handy for some of the features.


I wonder what others think about these things?

you can already tell when alliance members are online


maybe having this displayed on the little profile all players can view would be useful in some ways tho

Having an overview over sent out invitations might be helpful. Not being able to invite again might not be helpful. Especially if you allow alliance members to leave temporarily for some reasons (e.g. helping out a befriended alliance for a day, or sharing your gold with alliance members), having one or two additional invites to use to get back in can be very useful.


While I like seeing if alliance members are currently online, I actually would dislike seeing online/offline for everyone. Would just be too easy then to lurk for big loots. I mean, now I have to spam-click to make absolutely sure I get the loot of some guy that is about to go offline (or may already be offline, or not go offline at all). Then, 1 click in the moment the status changes would be enough. Sure, more comfortable for the raider, but the small chance not to get attacked after a connection loss or similar would then be even smaller when everyone sees “this guy is offline!” explicitely.

And actually, just by trying to attack them, you find out whether or not someone is online anyway. That doesn’t cost you anything (besides 1 sec time), and you automatically get a new enemy from matchmaking, which in turn saves you a second and 2k gold for pressing “new enemy”. Plus, from match making at least, like 98% of enemies are offline anyways, so one more symbol to check wouldn’t really give you any profit. And if a player goes back online, he can also do that while you change your gear/troops/spells, even if he was still off when you started to change your gear/troops/spells, so that effort could still be wasted anyway. 


About the ingame explanations, sure at some places a bit more info might be good. Though, are there certain single places where you miss info, or just generally?