Improvements for Windows PC

Dear Flaregames and Admins on forum, 

Recently, with an update from Windows and from the game, we’re having a few issues with your game. Here’s it: 

1. After updated to the newest version of Windows - Windows 10 Anniversary Update, we can’t be able to use Windowed Mode anymore. No option to minimize and customize for game. Currently, the game always show full screen. Please add windowed mode back !

2. After version 2.5.0, all unique items aren’t highlighted like old versions. All of them changed to normal items. And chests also don’t show the light around them anymore. I checked in Android device, and the effect still is working while not working in Windows.

- Highlight for unique perk

- Not highlight 

- The light effect around chest before updated

- The light effect disappeared after updated

3. The version 2.5.0 added key E for insta troop, but it’s not comfortable to control both key 3 (for 3rd troop) and key E (for insta troop) by only one left index finger. I suggest to change key E to Space Bar for spawn insta troop. So we can use the left thumb to summon insta troop. It’s better than key E. 

Finally, another issue , not new, but never old and FG still never fix or give a solution or any an official announcement - Crash in CoF. This bug was created by game’s code, not from our player’s side. I read a Alyesa’s reply, she said “Also, most of the issues regarding crashes on windows or on android devices are due to low memory issues which we try to improve with every update”. It’s not true. I’m playing game in laptop with 4GB RAM, another my friend play in his laptop with 12GB RAM. All of us usually get crash, and many other Windows players more. Wondering 12GB RAM still isn’t enough, and still low memories to play this game  :slight_smile:  ? If i try to play on Android Emulator, the game never get crash (just pay attention that this emulator only use 2GB RAM from 4GB in my laptop). 


Please bring the old features back for us and fix issues still are existing in this awesome game, especially crash in CoF !!!

Nice post.

Agree with all of it.

But about the crash issue I think this post should be looked if it’s a good temporary solution for the crash bug:

  1. Yes, pls add the Minimize button back, it saved for us lot of time when the game is still active in window mode. Play full screen I feel like wasting so much time :/ 

  2. The highlight effect should be fixed though not really needed.

  3. I totally agree about the insta shortcut key should be Space bar, it’s really easier to use than the one.

Since yesterday and today i reported those 2 bugs (lack of resize button and bright effect of perks). About the key for insta-troops what about an implementation of key bindings menu? =)

I have never experienced the crash in CoF. I only experience crash if too may wolves howl together or due to 100s of knights running. I think the best device to play on is a touchscreen laptop, best of both.

Good suggestions @Justice , The E Key is quite irritating, spacebar is a better option. 

i like this post all is true


I really support this thread.

100% agree and support… The E key for Insta-troops is bullshit. It should be number 4 or spacebar

Good post, not sure Flare will ever solve the crashing b4 going to CoF issue.

Looks like windows players will never be able to win ninja event… I lost my first coins already because of this annoying bug.

Hi guys,

I should add 2 more things to fix / give a solution.

  1. Video offers (IOS and Android users can reduce times, costs, get extra chests etc.)

  2. Record gameplay (IOS and Android users can do that, but on Windows Phone I cannot do anything).



Low memory is not the reason for the Chamber of Fortune crash. The EventLog says 100% of the time that it’s an Access Violation as I’ve detailed in another post earlier. An Access Violation is simply a bad instruction in the source code and has nothing to do with the environment the code is executing on. If memory was an issue it would be an OutOfMemoryException under Windows, as RR2 is a .Net Framework application.

As an aside, I run RR2 on a Surface Pro 4 with 8 GB of memory and an SSD drive that is available as a swap drive. RR2 is often the only application that I am running - especially during war raids when I want no outside factors to interfere with RR2. It still happens frequently. I’ve also run RR2 on my big dev machine, which has 64 GB of RAM. The CoF crash still happens.

It’s simply a bad pointer that needs to be tracked down and fixed - nothing more to it. In particular, the issue won’t go away by spending many developer hours optimizing memory consumption. Spend a few developer hours tracking down the pointer instead. Problem solved.

@Alysea, Please read our posts in this topic and forward it to the developers ! Many thanks !

Yes :grinning:

Some requests are not up to the game though, but to the OS itself. 

Recording videos is possible on Android and iOS because these OS provide a way to do so, for example. 


That is not entirely correct.

W10 pc you turn on background recording in Xbox app

And win.alt.R start and stops recording

Yes, I’ve done this, so clearly the PC OS allows to do that, and yet we don’t have that possibility in the game itself.

Her reference was to OS not app…?

Though not many people record anyway…