what about listening to players ?? thought of that ??

what about being less greedy with your stupid gems .

comon every update is worse despite of some good things its all about let people buy gems.

why did you introduce Pearls again ??? gold items you get stuffed in your face every time grany shop is refreshed , and wow they cost gems ??? why not let it be bought with Pearls otherwise they are near to useless.

making stuff harder every time ?? nah keep it or make it nicer to play but dont make it harder .

dungeons cost loads of food . why? why we cant do a dungeon with same amount we do raids with ?? o yes you want people to buy food with gems and then spend real money on gems right ??? comon this is crap and you know it . you call this a free game but you need to pay if you want to win . releasing an apearently ubtested update just before the weekend ??? how stupid is that .

i saw lots of free games go broke when greed took over . see the same here . your geting greedy and dont care . al nice new feateres comming woth downsides and in the end its all about the gems . you need to make money i get that , but this is geting sick. also the throne room . if you gues 3 things right its ok but that not hapening very much . when you just gues 1 or 2 its Always that the 3th or 2nd and third have the big awards . its just as if people not get the right chests you fill in a big reward to let people think that there realy are great rewards in the chests . and that people spend gems to guess the rest in the throne room.

anyway this game is getting silly to be honest . if you dont start listening the game wil end sooner then you think. start listening to players and start doing things the right way .

So what are your suggestions for improvements actually? All I can read in your post are actually just complaints. Hence, this topic doesn’t really belong here (“suggestions and improvements” forum).


I haven’t spent a cent so far and am well inside top1000 players, so it is definitely free to play. Sure, if you want to be in the global top10 in the highscores, there’s no way to get there without paying, but just for playing and progressing you don’t actually need to pay. Also, with tournaments you can win free gems every few days.


For pearls, since 1.4.X they included new scrolls as a way of using them. Those scrolls became quite popular, so there is definitely use for pearls. Also, there are purple (and rarely even gold) items that can be bought with pearls.


The throne room is a building in your own castle. Are you talking about the chamber of fortune?


If the game is just silly in your eyes, nobody forces you to play it.



Having said all that, sure the latest update definitely wasn’t the best idea and yes, the windows version was a fail. Though, as far as I know they released a wrong version and when they noticed their mistake it was “too late” and the update was already out there. However, they already submitted the correct version by now, it just takes a few days to get approved and appear.

you can indeed see it as complaint . but if you read between the lines the bigest improvement should be listen to players and not become greedy ,

cause that what this is . believe me i played my share of games . and i saw them all go this direction. from a fun game to play to an irritating piece of garbage,.


it is verry clear that every update is getting more about gems and spending money on it . so it would be an improvement if it is not goin that direction. and no i dont am forced to play . but if like you , they also say then dont play , isnt that the wrong attitute ? i mean they want more people to play and more money to earn. if it comes to this then the end is near.


also the offers we get pushed in our faces every day might be nice if we could pay with Pearls also . cause only using pearls for scrolls is stuppid and realy a waste.

and yes i talk about chamber of fortune idd. 


and the windows debacle is purely because hey dont seem to test there updates , and this is verry bad for a company that makes games realy. that is a realy big no in the world of games.


so keeping players happy and getting their stuff straight would be the biggest improvement they could ever make in my opinion.