Improving the new war system

After some thoughts, I decided to rewrite this post to make it easier to understand. I also see the featured 4.0 suggestion topic after posting this, but I have 1 post limit, so, sorry, admin.

FG’s expectation

  1. Every player quit their job, give up their normal life. All memeber of the same ally move into a compound, play in the same room 
  2. Leader: general A, take 4 soldiers to location X, general B, take 5 soldiers to location Y, General C scout the north east
  3. General A: player 1, player 2, player 3, player 4, follow me to location X
  4. General A and player 1 - 4 move out together toward location X, wait for cooldown
  5. General A and player 1 - 4 check back timely after cooldown, moving out toward location X
  6. Before General A’s squad reaches location X, General C is attack at a nearby location, and there’s a ancient ruin next to C
  7. General C: General A, change plan, take your squad and come help take the ancient ruin
  8. General A: player 1 - 4, plan changed, follow me to assit General C
  9. As soon as cooldown is over, General A and Player 1 - 4 move to General C’s battlefield, dominate the field, conquest the ancient ruin


Reality situation

  1. Everyone still has a job, a life, and lives in different timezones. Only half of ally players are core member, the other half are floating players. Amount the active ones, only 30 of them are on Whatsapp, others rarely pay attention to chat
  2. Leader in chat: general A, take 4 soldiers to location X, general B, take 5 soldiers to location Y, General C scout the north east
  3. General A is still sleeping at day 0 of war, player 1 - 4 moves out into different direction
  4. General A wakes up, see’s Leader’s message.
  5. General A in chat: player 1 - 4, stop where you are going, turn back and meet me at location X!
  6. Player 1 in chat: report to General A, player 2, 3, 4 are now sleeping, I am just finish a move, need to wait for 3 hours. General A and Leader: WTF! …

Failed …

Suggested improvements

  1. Every plaer start out in stronghold, and cannot move individually
  2. Leader and Generals can create Squad and assign players and resources to the Squad. Squad holds energy, not player.
  3. Squad requires at least one player at creation time. If the last player in a Squad leaves the ally during war, the Squad is automatically disband.
  4. Leader and Generals can control movements of any Squad, following the rules of cooldown
  5. Same as old war system, conflicting orders from more than one general would result in only one successful
  6. Squad not in a battle situation can disband. Disband consumes energy, so insufficient energy would prevent disband. Players in the disbanded Squad returns to stronghold, with a small cooldown before joining a new Squad
  7. Two or more Squad in adjacent field can unite into one new, bigger, Squad. Unite Consumes energy. Resulting new Squad keeps the energy amount from the Squad with highest energy before union happens. Resulting new Squad keeps the cooldown from the Squad with the longest cooldown before union happens.
  8. The cost for uniting Squads should be adjusted over time for the right balance.

Benefits from this improvements

  1. The time requirement for commanding a war in new system would be closer to that of the old system - leader and generals decide who and when to attack, soldires participate in battles at their own convenient time, eliminating the communication to coordinate a group movement
  2. Directing Squads is now a shared responsibility, so not everyone has to check back frequently on a cooldown schedule, as long as one of the leader or generals are online to execute a planed strategy, everything should just happened, even for allies with players from different timezone and speaks 10 different languages
  3. All the good improvements stay, and if there was a reason to have a cooldown between movement, it can stay now

yes flare, we want it.

Really need it, timezones are killing it. The whole alliance cant be online the same time

I like your list of improvements. Many of our members don’t understand the new conquest mode, just roam around, neither have troops nor intend to pick them up, stay in the head quarters and walk over swamps and forests instead of grass.

It would make things much easier if they were assigned in squads.

Did you someone see the chicken without head? How she are running 

same we are all now

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