In-game chat outside the alliances!

Want to share your latest awesome raid? The next update for Royal Revolt 2 will let you befriend other players and send them messages directly in-game! Discuss tactics, spells and let your friends know where they can find the best loot.



ye this is pretty exciting! im more excited for the royal champion though :slight_smile:

this an amazing way to get into an alliance which you can only get in only by invite, but the problem is spamming the alliance leaders

now I, as a general will recieve thousands of messages?

I’m going to bug everyone all day!

Maybe there is a daily limit to “send messages”, you know nothing with Flare is beautiful, there are always restrictions…

well first off to personal message someone it says you have to befriend them


it could be different than the favourites list and require a request/permission


I was waiting for somebody to catch that. Nice one TeH!

call me ken


“TeH” is just “the” misspelled purposely

I hope we don’t get a “5 messages for free each day and after we use them up we have to pay gems to send messages” type of update.

Sssssshhhhhh…you will give them ideas :slight_smile:

This sounds great, a global chat would be nice also

An ignore list would be nice, some of these players take things way to personal and will go to no ends trying to grieve you and all they know you know.