In game name

Please I need one more chance to change my in-game name, just for the last time… 

@Shamuah, You cannot, you can change it only once. Why would you mess up your in game name?

To elaborate on that, the only way to do that would be through the tech support. So file them a ticket and see what happens, thats all I can say

Help me on that sir, how can I do it? 

Follow this link:

Click on the “Submit a request” text in the top right corner

Follow the instructions to file a ticket. Thats the only way that may work unfortunately, obviously no guarantees.

Hey @Infamous is that possible to change your in game name if you already changed it once?


@HOLYDIVINE No, as far as I am aware it is not possible. And I dont think this is subjected to a change unless there is some  VERY  special rationale behind it. So your best shot is to follow the rules and think while choosing your first name to begin with.