In game private messaging and world chat

Just wondering if the developers have provided any insight as to why there is no private messaging function or a world chat within the game and if they ever plan to put the aforementioned features in future updates?

TIA. :slight_smile:

If I understand correctly implementing something like that would require *completely* developing a brand new chat system. It’s not technically possible with the current chat system. 

And either developing a brand new custom chat or licensing a chat system with those features would be stupid expensive. 

The current chat system doesn’t provide much anyway, I reckon a brand new chat system would be what most players want.

Understood, but it’s probably something that’s cost prohibitive at this point in time. 

Yeah I guess so. Alliance wars come first I guess. Hopefully, they do implement a better chat system so as to not keep on switching tabs between the game, Line or Discord during wars.

Well, think about how bad the game sucks your battery dry. Maybe it’s not the worst thing to be forced to use out-of-game chats. The game kills my battery on my phone dead in less than an hour from full charge. 

Are you using IOS or an old Android device? Mine is a 1 year old Samsung tablet and its battery doesn’t drain that fast even if I am playing the game for a straight hour.

That’s on an older iPhone. On my iPad it’s better, but I still need to be near power if I’m going to play for a while. It’s a battery hog. 

Wish I have money for an iPad. :wink:

We are not currently looking to implement a full messaging system until much further in the future (if at all), because it does mean very large changes to the infrastructure of the game. However, we will slowly be moving toward a better chat interface, with some new functions at least, in the near future.

Glad to know Cap. :slight_smile:  Hoping for a better messaging system.

From my experiences, world chat is somewhat can be annoying. Not all people would act mature. And i am afraid some messages might be insulting, especially at war session or etc. I do not want to take private message from other players too. But ok if there is an option to close it. But it would be good to send alliance member private messages… 

Yes world chat can be destructive against a player’s confidence but a private messaging doesn’t hurt especially when it comes to recruitment and when sending it to alliance members.

Yeah I agree .I always see player’s with offensive IN Game Names on my map and now with the plan of Flaregames to introduce a world chat system would be a bad move.

I want to share a very unpleasant incident that happened with me in the past.Some Guy from a Russian team(A team that we defeated badly in an alliance wars) joined my team and wrote some bad things about my Allaince and insulted The General of my Alliance too.

What more distrubing that I and other players  form the team were reading those messages for two days on the chat.??

I know Flaregames can’t read the contents of Chat as almost 100k people around the globe plays the game and in diffrent languages too.

I hope @CaptainMorgan and the team knows what they are doing.

And please don’t ask me to share the screenshots of that chat.I don’t want to share them at all.

Thank you for not sharing screenshits!

Sorry I meant screenshots ???

I’d like to see some screenshits, wonder what they’d look like. :wink:

Shit happens

Just leave it and move forward, the world will be better