In-game Pro Ticket icon when it's time to collect it!

Hello everyone,

Like you did with the Voucher System, if you receive new vouchers the green ticket shakes, you should do the same also for the free pro ticket. Since it has 1 month of cooldown, you can’t follow day by day to be precise when you have to collect it. Most of time you miss hours. These hours sum up month per month so you have always a bigger delay when you have to collect the ticket. So if a icon like this one below would appear:

when the cooldown is finished, it would surely help the player to collect it in time.

Thanks for understanding.

You could do that, or you could do something like the donation button. Have the PL tab flash when you can collect

Or you could have a pop up saying your ticket is available and a button that collects it.

Okay, nah, that’d be too easy, better have y’all waste hours to days when you forget if it’s time to collect or not. :stuck_out_tongue: (btw I never understood why, if it’s a monthly ticket, the timer resets when you collect it instead of reseting when new “month” begins so that you could collect your ticket any time after it’s available with a new cycle already underway instead of having to be on at a specific time so you don’t waste any time. Seems needlessly bothersome)

the timer reset only if you collect your ticket. that why opelle suggest improve about the ticket collect. If you forgot to collect it you have no new ticket until you collect. by example your ticket is ready April 26th at 8 AM and you don’t collect it same in April 30th. No new tickets timer. If you collect only your ticket in May 3rd at 12 PM at this moment you have the 28 days (something close) cooldown

I agree its stupid this method and if you forgot you lose time and that stack over time. I guess Flare make it like this because its free. No previlege. Really sad. Free player don’t have any advantage. So i guess we have no choice to check 1 millions time if its time to collect it or not