In-Game Translation

By the title only, we can understand it… I propose that there should be a system like structure that translates what the other players are saying according to the language chosen by us. It has been many times, that some vietnamese or japanese or some chinese looking language speaking player comes in our alliance, and he leaves it in 1 or 2 days just because he cant understand what we are saying and we can’t understand what he is saying. This is not a rare idea, and I think that many players feel this problem because not many can like learn the text then type it on google just to understand what he is saying, that is very time consuming, and there are many players from east side also… 

So plz tell if this feature could be, like put into the game or not

This has been suggested many times before. I don’t remember for sure what the answer was, but Madlen did give us a response that told us whether this was possible or not. I don’t remember which it was though.

I agree that this is needed

Moving to ideas section. 

Well, I dont think it will be very hard to be put into the game, but yeah, it is going to need a solid translation, sometimes google translates wrong, so we r going to need a quality translation if this is going to be implemented…