In game translator


FLAREGAMES should provide in game translator for ally chat _. At  _ first they should ask to our preferred language and then the another language should change into our language no need of goole translator :slight_smile:

Would be a great feature, doubt it could happen.


I quite like seeing some other language chat, helps me learn a few words of it :slight_smile:

** hope so :-/**

An in-game translator would be very hard to implement as the chat itself is too simple. It’s sad when you can’t communicate with a player :slightly_frowning_face:  

Yes Karman 

Its too hard that’s why i said translator

if you join an ally, the flags kind of indicate which languages will be spoken in ally chat.

I wonder why you want to join an ally where you don’t understand the languages, (as most top alliances do speak english also)

But it would be funny if we would have translators in chat… remembering stuff that comes out of Babel Fish & others

Ya i know top alliance talk English

But there are some alliance who don’t talk in English or some plaYers

>>> some alliances don’t talk in English


I blame the people wanting to build that high alliance tower in Babel  for that

It’s not that difficult to integrate translation services for chat. But then translation is not yet perfect and may lead to not only improper translations, grammatical mistakes but also misunderstanding between players. Besides, every language has it’s own warmth which is impossible for the translator to bring. It is good and in the best interest of the players that they stick to the alliances and players where they can communicate effectively and at the same time feel home.  :slight_smile: