In game World Chat

I think it would be a great ideal for you guys to install a global or world chat within the game! 


It will help make the game more fun because it will allow us to see who is online. It will also make players feel less isolated in the game. Please give this consideration. ??


Hello there!

Thank you for your suggestion, I will forward it to the team :slight_smile:

I agree I think this is really needed especially if alliances are gonna grow, also waiting around for upgrades would be more fun if you could have a world chat 


I completely agree, an ingame chat for World Players that can be switched over to Alliance chat will do wonders for the game. I personally like it as a recruiting tool but I know some join these games and don’t want to be in alliances but would love to be able to chat with other players.

We need global chat yo speak with all players of Olympus Rising, no only alliance chat. However, we need option to send and receive private message from others players.

Agreed …inbox and world chat would be nice




I completely agree with this! Private

messaging and world chat for all players needs to happen! 



it would be good to have a general chat, it will help to find an active alliance

I agree, suggestion was already made, but thanks to refresh it

Any chances to implement a global chat in the game ? Or at least a way to send in-game emails to other players ?



A chat room, separate from Alliance chat, where everyone can communicate, from different alliances, :slight_smile:


Hey Smoke a lot,

I was a member of your Alliance while ago and used contribute a lot during war by participating in war and made more 1000k gold donation but you guys never used to provide divine i was forced to leave your alliance.I hope you guys are doing fine.

There is a line group people are using, I believe, for which you have to contact dumpster. 

Hi Infamous

How are you?I hope you are doing fine.

Could please elaborate what you mentioned in your post as I am new this site. 

Hey, everything is great now that I have my hefty suggestion list published ;).

Line is an application you can install on IOS, Android, OS X and Windows devices. It is a messenger app, which is extremely popular with different gaming communities. According to one of dumpster’s posters, there is an unofficial OR group in Line, like an unofficial global chat for now. Contact dumpster if you want to join it, cause he surely knows more than I do.

Hey thanks for the info