in the eyes of a rookie

Hello Dears

I see a lot of friends in this game unhappy and crying. I am constantly following your comments sometimes laughing sometimes I feel sorry.

I am one of the most rookie players you can see in this game.


I enjoy deliriously from this game. ? I often laugh at myself. I think I’m the worst most crippled player. 

(period of battles is very prolonged.) ? what if it is long? I am developing myself until the war. ?

(There are problems updating.) ? it is important for me that the social life is up to date. ?

(blacksmith activity lasted short.) ?  how much pearl can you get? why don’t you gradually enjoy the game?

“yes, many of them may look like a useless Polyana, but I can not be negative.”

Is there something that is not missing in this game? ??

If you search for mistakes in your loved ones you can not be happy.


If you are constantly looking for errors in your game, you can not enjoy it.

I serve hamburgers to all of you. ?

I love you all individually.


I like your innocence. 

Keep playing and enjoying the game. 

I agree that you cannot enjoy a game if you’re looking for errors, but I don’t think that’s what anyone is doing here. All that’s going on is people are NOTICING errors that are in the game. Flare has made too many mistakes recently and it’s time they picked themselves up and do a better job of keeping themselves upright. They can’t afford to make blunders like they did with the BS Event

After that I will not comment on any topics anymore.


We are not looking for an errors. If someone spit on your face you say that “it’s raining”???

I should’ve rage-quit long ago, due to my suckiness and uncomfortable interface. I guess I’m a masochist, since I keep wasting time on this game despite being angry half the time.

But then again, I still keep playing games I enjoy even less, so…

(okay, that was unrelated to anything.)

Hello dear

Actually, I’m used to it. From the moment I started this game, I specialize in cause and effect. I’ve always read your comments and I’m trying to understand all of you. I have to admit, this is fun. ?