Inaccurate meltdown times

I’m seeing some odd behavior with the Blacksmith event and meltdown times where the amount of time it takes to melt down items is much higher than it should be.  When I tap the Info icon for the Blacksmith, it tells me I have 6 slots with a Meltdown time per Pearl of 50s (because I have enabled the meltdown boost on the Blacksmith).  

Now, when I look at the Blacksmith, however, the amount of time it takes to melt down the items is much longer.  The item I’m currently melting is worth 79 pearls, which means it should take about 66 mis to melt down.  Currently, the progress bar says it’s about 20% done and it says there is 1 hour 51 mins left.  

Is your blacksmith boost duration coming to an end ? Yesterday I had the same problem but my friend helped me. I was wondering why one item shows 12hrs yt melt it - it turned out bs boost duration wasn’t enough to melt that specific item, so that’s why it showed more time. After I boosted bs again it worked as it should.

@Mag is right on this. This happen when the item that is melting won’t be completly melted by the blacksmith boost end. The time showed is the addition of the melt time with blacksmith boost and the time for the remaining pearl at regular rate. It looks wrong, but its the real remaining time if you don’t reactivate the blacksmith boost.

SHaase is right.

Actually, have seen this bug phenomenon already too many times. Not necessarily within an event.

Not using blackie boost, cause Vungle doesn’t work in my country.

For example, my meltdown time is currently 5:30 minutes (event boost). I have a 19 pearls item in the first slot. Should be 1:44 hours. But it currently shows me more than 7 hours left for this item, while about 25% melting is already done. This implies that the total meltdown time for this item is around 9 hours. This is ridiculous.

Indeed, a bug.


Not really a bug, Flare specifically extended melting time on your account. 

Hahahaha, I like it. You are right, they do hate my guts :slight_smile:

But still, think it’s a bug, cause other players have reported the same issue.

it is old-old bug about wrong double graphic of another item :slight_smile:

look carefully how many pearls there would be as a result


or maybe your boost will finish before item melt completely :lol:

Why that happen each time at the end of the event. For 2 days no problem I melt items of 80,90,100 for 5 hours or less. Now tonight my Armor of 123 pearls need 18 hours? Are you serious? I lose pearls because of this. in 18 hours I can get 200 or more. Please can I have a reward for that inconvenience? What be next for melting a items of 200 50 hours? and I know its not a graphic error that gonna take really 18 hours to finish this melting Armor.

Mss, I have no boosts… :slightly_frowning_face:

Vungle does not work in my country…

Happens all the time.

OK, got a screenshot.

34 pearls item. By my blackie workshop level, it should be 5:30 minutes per pearl.

The right melting time for a 34 pearls item should be 3:07 hours.

You can clearly see that it’s 8:00 hours…

This event sucks! Could only melt numerous items during the event because of this bug.

Flares, please announce same event again and give us a real chance to melt enough for the pearls.

ScreenHunter_66 May. 27 10.48.jpg

Sorry, have a hard time with quoting.


You know what ? Try to remove that first item and add it back again.

I’m pretty sure, it’s only a visual  bug I’ve seen before - namely, your first item was a totally different item, offering more pearls, after you added the second item, the first time visually changed into it as well, showing less pearls, but still melting for the higher number of pearls from the previous item (visual bug - both 1st item and 2nd are the same armour, I’ve seen it many times in my blacksmith). In fact, I’m sure that after those almost 8 hours, you won’t see there 34 pearls but much more as it’s still is the previous item you started melting although it doesn’t look like it now.

Mag, thanks. Yes, think the bug has something to do with the previous item.

Actually it’s happening through the whole event, with many types and pearls value items. It will really last 8 hours in this case.

I have written about a 19 pearls item on this thread which lasted 9 hours. Didn’t make a screenshot then.

This bug must be fixed. Hope flares announce the same event again, to give us a chance to really use the fast melting times advantages here.

This bug was described many-many years ago :lol:



Thank you guys. Your advise worked to solve this bug.

I have cancelled the meltdown of all the other items and the melting time went back to normal.

Just too bad I did it after the event ended…

You still got at the end the same amount of pearls Edward, although it was displayed wrong. Pay attention to it next time. Just now I had an item worth 24 pearls, considering 2 min required to melt one peral it should take 48 minutes, while it was being melted the time showed much more than those 48 minutes, after it melted I collected 39 pearls from that item. I think we are not being cheated here, it’s only a visual bug.

Will check this again next time. Your advise was very helpful, cause I’ve seen it happen before and didn’t know how to deal with it.

Now, the event is over and I’ll take a big break to upgrade the blackie workshop.

Thanks again :slight_smile: And thanks to Mss.