Inactive Alliances possible?

Hello, got a serious question (or 3):

1… What happens to an alliance when all members are inactive and the type is set to “invite other players”… Does that mean, that when they stay inactive noone will ever join this alliance again?

  1. If 1.) is yes: can or will these alliances be deleted or are they save (kinda frozen) as long as the game stays around?

3.) and if the players get active again, the alliance can just go on as before or is something reseted (current alliance gold or donated pals or so?)

if you have a good knowledge about this, pls let me know, thank you :slight_smile:  


ps. hope thats the right place for this question

if only an invitation - no one will join.

if all players are inactive (7 days), the Alliance will not be visible.

when someone logs in, the alliance will become visible and that person will be the leader.

the rest remains the same

Moved to players helping players :slight_smile:

ok thank you for this information

i’m a bit late but it helps me out very well :slight_smile:

didnt know that alliances can be invisible but that makes sense to me

from the terms of service- i think the alliance will be “active” for 180 days. so be sure to log back after 179 days to keep your alliance.


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Oh hey, thats really something to keep in mind, didnt know about this part either - so thats generally a good advice to not leave this game for too long, thank you very much for pointing this one out !