Inactive founder

What happens when the alliance’s founder becomes inactive? Thanks in advance ?

Edit: is there anyway that we can transfer the founder title to the next rank or whoever has the highest ascension? He just basically created the alliance but not too active and now he’s been under inactive for a couple of days. Just worried it’ll end up deleted. ?

Do not worry, the current alliance system supports automatic leadership transfer to the second highest (rank) officer of the alliance, given that the leader/founder has been inactive for 7 days. So it will be handled for you. More information about that is available in the FAQ section of the Help Desk

 It hasn’t been transferred yet. He’s been under inactive for atleast 5 days. Thank you. I’ll check on it. 

General is transferred after deemed inactive.  Founder is never transferred (the reason that Founder was introduced).

The Founder will be removed from the Alliance after 30 days of inactivity. At that point the longest serving Officer will be made General.

@CaptainMorgan, my alliance is lvl3 and Founder is inactive, does leadership go to just officers or can it go to foot soldiers. Just wondering if I have to leave the alliance.