Inactive Leader - What happens to the alliance?

Hi Folks,


In my alliance, the current leader seems to have not been online since a couple of days. At least he did not continue to upgrade our alliance, while the necessary amounts of trophys and gold are there.


What happens, if the leader does not come back? Does the alliance die? Is the alliance stuck? I made donations (in real money) to support the alliance, so I would not want to start over fresh in a new alliance…

If you are active, and abive 3500 trophies, just cut your losses. Join Valhalla.

Leader online multiple times daily, and alliance active and going up. 28% gold boost.

Currently, as far as I know, the alliance leader can assign someone else as new leader. And I guess when quitting the game, this is what every leader should do… though, if he didn’t, then currently all you can do ingame is hope he gets active again somewhen and then try to suggest to him in the alliance chat to assign someone else.


Other than that, filing a support ticket or PM to Jona might work…


Though, just keep in mind your leader might just have not been online a few days due to the recent win8 problems where players couldn’t login for the whole weekend.

same situation with my alliance, he trouble with update. just be patient and wish he will back soon. some of our soldier leave the alliance due this matter.