Inactive members


Could someone please tell me how inactive alliance members can be demoted or eventually kicked from alliance? When i click on one, it shows no option like this, however i should be able to manage these kind of stuff since i’m an officer. Or is it only the General who has this authority?

Someone, anyone?

Thx »»Gerger««  Four Horsemen, Officer???


If the other member is an Officer, you cannot do so. However you should be able to kick (or demote then kick) other players below your rank.

You just have to go to the player’s profile to perform these actions. :slight_smile:

Yeah, he is an officer indeed. Did not participate in the last two wars and stuck on a certain lvl for weeks now. Since we are upgrading alliance, we need space for active members, and sadly he became dead weight. 

So is it only the General then?

Yep, only the General can handle the Officers.