Inactive members

How long does it take to be placed as Inactive? Is it a week or a longer? 

Also, how can you tell if a member is on the same time you are? If they arent talking in the chat, how can we tell if they are on?

Is there a way to send a member a PM?

Im new to being a clan leader so i dont know much about how this game works. Any help and or tips on how to get a hold of the

members to help fight in the Alliance wars. Thanks. 


Thanks so much for the answers and tips. I try to talk to everyone in chat, and let them know if they need help or have questions on how to 

participate in war, to let me know and i will guide them through the process. 

Here is another question. I do have a few Generals. How can i tell WHO activated a boost?

SO far i only see that the Boost was activated. 

You cannot see who activated the boost.
take Pellez advice above, don’t give general to players you don’t trust… if you cant trust them to not activate boosts, there is a lot worse they can do.

Give to each general a role, for example 2 generals activate and prolong boosts, 2 more general instead recruit players and so on, so you know who does what. 

You can always ask in a friendly way who activated a specific boost. Whatever you do, stay calm and polite. In my first alliance that leader acted like a dictator, he really got upset and his language caused terror and panic amongst generals. That’s never the way to do it.

Just ask in a friendly way and explain why a certain boost should not be activated. Reasons for example are costing a lot of gold, useless boost that even don’t help majority of members (or better said, only help a few members), preventing you to upgrade alliance (better and stronger boosts!).

@Fourofjacks is right, they could have done much worse. Activating boosts is only costing gold. That can be replaced. A bad general also could have kicked all soldiers. 

@oPelle i think ally members should have the rights to send PM’s to each others without adding them 

That’s an issue with RR2’s general lack of communication tools, not just alliance related. And ways to communicate freely with the entire playerbase it’s something people have been begging for for ages.

I agree, but this doesn’t have to be implemented in game. Just use PM here or just in an app that you can communicate

No, AK, you shouldn’t need to do that! You shouldn’t need to rely on outside tools to communicate within an online game! Flare must do something about it.

Besides, in order to be able to communicate outside the game you have to establish that method of communication inside the game first. And for that you need to get in touch with the person in question, which isn’t a given.

This exact thing happened to me when I first entered the game. A months after I joined my first alliance, the leader got mad at me because I accidentally boosted Stunning Ogre extra, after we weren’t supposed to do it anymore. He said to me that other generals were complaining to him that I was wasting gold a lot (Soooooooo not true, I was not at all wasting gold, the only time I even used gold was when our automatic boosts would go out, which of course were Knights and Cannons). He told me I could not activate boosts anymore. I replied by telling him to demote me, because that’s basically what he was doing anyway, but he didn’t and he didn’t really even listen to me when I tried explaining to him that I  accidentally  boosted the Ogres. I was very disheartened at his lack of trust in me, after I had built up a great friendship with him over my time there, and I left the alliance for a short period, but when I came back, he wasn’t the same. I stayed for a few weeks, then got the invite from @Maerique to Knights who say Ni. After I left, the leader unfriended me (which really tore me) and then went inactive