Inactive player in my Alliance.

I am the leader of The Great Jimingos and on a few occasions I have had players say inactive when I look at recent donations. My questions is, what does the inactive status mean? How long does it take a player to become inactive? I am basically asking this because I don’t want to kick someone from the alliance for reasons beyond their control.

The answer is pretty simple :


Sometimes when a user doesn’t play a game for a few days (due to any reason), the player will be shown inactive.


This is done because if a player doesn’t play for a long time his base will be attacked again and again and so he will lose trophies and gold. The inactive player cannot be attacked and so the player gets a “free shield” against other kings.

Another reason is that sometimes players leave the game (FOR EVER!). Then if the bases remain ‘active’ then there can be crashes in the server due to high traffic!


The player should be shown active as soon as he rejoins the game in that particular account.


You should probably wait for 3-4 days and see if he comes back active. If he doesn’t then you can kick him out!


Don’t be sad if he was a valuable member of the alliance because there are always people to be recruited.


I see absolutely no reason why something like that should cause server crashes or even higher traffic:

Every attack is initiated by an active player (who is actively tapping on “attack”)! The fights and with that the load on the servers would be the same no matter if the attacked player is an active one or one that would be “inactive”.

Thanks for the reply. I really want an actual time frame like after 3 days of not logging in you are marked as inactive. I would like to make some room for others if people are not going to play.

im pretty sure u get the inactive tag after 7 days of not signing in

Yes, 7 days.

Sorry about that. That was a misconception! :slightly_frowning_face:

Wow 7 days seems like a long time to not log in and play. Thanks for the time frame.

What happens to a leader if he becomes in-active, does he lose his leadership ? ? 

I was promoted to leader when I was highest in trophies and leader went inactive. I assume now that generals can be designated the highest trophied general would be promoted.