Inactive Players in Alliances?

So what happens when the entire alliance goes inactive and why are they still counted?

I believe the whole alliance disappears for a while but will be back as soon as one of the accounts goes back to being active. 

And theybare counted because they take space in the alliance so they need to be counted I guess :wink:

Yes you are right the alliance is no longer searchable. You have to go to one of the inactive players and then backdoor it to find alliance members. The trophies are reading zero due to no active players. Thinking now they keep them in that state so that Flare has the hopes they will rejoin the game. 

The latest update has also made it difficult to recruit members. 

Please allow alliance merger between 2 small clans to form enough players for war or to increase no of players for war

For those lone players with no alliance, automatically turn on “allow invite” on their profile. They may not have forgotten. 

Please match with alliance with the same number of active members. Thks